15 Couples In Movies And TV Series That Everyone Root For Despite Being A Complete Shipwreck

Not all ships are supposed to leave the port. Otherwise, these ships may sink in the same way that the Titanic did. This time, we will discuss some relationships on TV shows that do not necessarily scream "relationship goals." If famous movie couples, such as Rose and Jack, typify the phrase "love like in the movies," then toxic TV couples should make it clear which relationships raise red flags and lead to disaster, if not immediately, then in the long run.
That is not to say that toxic relationships should not be displayed on the screen. How many times have we seen the character's friends and family romanticize a truly toxic on-screen relationship? Whether it's first loves gone horribly wrong or miserable relationships that just won't die, hostile couples are all over television.
To be honest, toxic TV couples can drive us insane, but they keep us watching the show. No matter how toxic a couple is, we sometimes find ourselves rooting for them. Let's take a look at the most toxic couples in television history right now!

#1 Archie And Veronica (Riverdale)

Source: Warner Bros.

They are toxic and magnify each other's flaws. While Archie's character had so much potential, it appeared that once he became emotionally involved with Veronica, he retreated back into his shell. They seem to never have healthy conversations. It's always felt like they're more in lust than love as a couple.

#2 Beck And Joe (You)

Source: Tediado

Joe Goldberg gives the impression of being romantic and caring by protecting Beck from unwelcome admirers. Still, he is a villain who hides behind his ostensibly "wokeness." His views have been influenced by the rom-com he grew up watching, but he is a sociopath, and a sociopath should not be seen as a heartthrob.

#3 Carrie And Big (Sex And The City)

Source: El Español

Big and Carrie played a game together through their relationships. Carrie frequently makes up small "tests" for her partners because she expects them to know what she wants without actually explaining it to them. However, Big only focuses on playing games and left Carrie hanging. Then, he suddenly appears with a charming smile and something to make amends. That is in no way a respectful or meaningful way to interact with one another.

#4 Chuck And Blair (Gossip Girl)

Source: Historysting

It appeared that Chuck got a high from making Blair feel bad. He kept telling her he didn't love her, making her feel unworthy by telling her she had lost all of her worth and beauty, and constantly calling her names for either giving too much or too little. Blair and Chuck have a toxic, untruthful, and emotionally abusive relationship. It supports the idea that being in love might also make us feel miserable, but strong emotions by themselves don't signify a healthy relationship.

#5 Derek And Kate (Teen Wolf)

Source: Twitter

Of all the TV characters, Derek from Teen Wolf undoubtedly has the worst luck with both love and life. After Derek kills Paige with the werewolf bite he planned, his worst girlfriend, Kate Argent, arrives on the scene. Kate finds it all too easy to entice Derek because of his experience with his enduring guilt and self-pity brought on by Paige's death.

#6 Finn And Rachel (Glee)

Source: Twitter

Finn was more of a status symbol to Rachel than anything else. He was after all the "most popular boy," which made her even more in love with him. She could have loved him for who he really was, but she shouldn't have chosen Finn. Whether it was her excessive talking or her use of big words, he frequently expressed his annoyance or irritation with her personality. When she was excited about something, he would put her down for it, making her feel awful. Only when he was unable to have Rachel had he ever craved her.

#7 Fitz And Olivia (Scandal)

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Even if we ignore the cheating, Fitz and Olivia's relationship has a lot of problems. Their relationship is toxic not only to them personally but also to those around them, which in Fitz's case can sometimes mean the entire country.

#8 Jon Snow And Daenerys (Game Of Thrones)

Source: Cinéfilos

Jon Snow is clueless when it comes to women. Even though they have good chemistry, the incestuous situation complicates their relationship. Jon remains vague about his emotions rather than declaring a clean break, and he eventually betrays Daenerys.

#9 Kurt And Blaine (Glee)

Source: Glee

Blaine shows early signs of becoming an untrustworthy partner by looking through Kurt's phone when a boy named Chandler texts him. He also gaslights Kurt by saying, "I'm not going through your phone, it just keeps buzzing because Chandler won't stop texting you."

#10 Leonard And Penny (The Big Bang Theory)

Source: TBS.com

If Leonard and Penny weren't neighbors, their relationship would never have developed. Penny is constantly made to feel inferior to Leonard because of her lack of education, and Leonard treats Penny like a trophy girlfriend (and later, wife). They shouldn't be together because they make each other feel uncomfortable and undermine each other's confidence.

#11 Miss Piggy And Kermit (The Muppet Show)

Source: Twitter

Miss Piggy and Kermit's divorce in 2015 was long overdue. Their toxic back-and-forth relationship was played for laughs when they first appeared on television as a couple on The Muppet Show in the 1970s, but boy does it get ugly! While many Muppet one-liners are subtly aimed at adults, the message of Miss Piggy and Kermit's relationship is not.

#12 Piper And Alex (Orange Is The New Black)

Source: YouTube

If both partners have at least once reported the other to the police, that is a sign of a toxic relationship! Since Alex and Piper are dependent on one another, when one of them is arrested, they figure out a way to condemn the other and send them both to the same prison. They are in fact in love, but they communicate that love in completely wrong ways.

#13 Ross And Rachel (Friends)

Source: Metro World News Brasil

Fans frequently overlook the fact that Ross was excessively jealous and Rachel was overly self-centered, issues that would come back to haunt them later in their relationship.

#14 Tate And Violet (American Horror Story)

Source: Amino Apps

They are the uncanny Romeo and Juliet of this generation. Violet took a lot of sleeping pills after learning that Tate, her lover, had died.  Tate is not good for her or anyone else. He shot up a school and attacked Violet's mother during his time as a human. Tate breaks the mold of the typical "bad boy" stereotype thanks to his sinister tendencies.

#15 Ted And Robin (How I Met Your Mother)

Source: YouTube

Ted cared for Robin for years, even though we knew they wouldn't get along. Tracy seemed to be the ideal happy ending for him. Nonetheless, she dies, forcing Ted to recount his entire life to his children to gain permission to date their aunt. Everything has become twisted. They are not meant to be, no matter how strongly Ted defends them.
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