15 Comparisons Showing Instagram Reality And Untouched Reality Are As Different As Chalk and Cheese

Instagram is used as a tool for us to show ourselves to the world. Many people post photos, expressing who they are and their hobbies like swimming, going to picnics, or shopping. When it comes to selfies, loads of incredibly perfect photos spread out over social media. These pics are good to look but sometimes editing them goes too far.
It’s easy to see in celebrity photos. In days of yore, if a celeb wanted to retouch a photo, they’d ask someone to edit it for them. Now, with the existence of beauty apps and filters, they easily take flawless pictures and each of them often gets thousands (millions) of likes and comments. It’s understandable that famous people often are required to look perfect not only in the public but on social media.
We’ve collected 15 photos of celebrities that show the huge difference between Instagram reality and untouched reality. See more there. Look at all these pics, do you think that people should be confident about their looks and post more photos without any filters?

#1 Bryce Dallas Howard

Instagram Reality And Untouched RealitySource: © brycedhoward / Instagram, USA TODAY Network / East News

#2 Nicole Kidman

Instagram Reality And Untouched RealitySource: © nicolekidman / Instagram, East News

#3 Donatella Versace

Instagram Reality And Untouched RealitySource: © donatella_versace / Instagram, Evan Agostini / East News

#4 Cindy Crawford

Instagram Reality And Untouched RealitySource: © cindycrawford / Instagram, VALERIE MACON / East News

#5 Rose Byrne

Instagram Reality And Untouched RealitySource: © fullyrosebyrne / Instagram, East News

#6 Rebel Wilson

Instagram Reality And Untouched RealitySource: © rebelwilson / Instagram, Abaca / East News

#7 Reese Witherspoon

Source: © reesewitherspoon / Instagram, CHRIS PIZZELLO / East News

#8 Sofia Vergara

Source: © sofiavergara / Instagram, Associated Press / East News

#9 Salma Hayek

Source: © salmahayek / Instagram, East News

#10 Kim Kardashian

Source: © kimkardashian / Instagram, CBS / East News

#11 Kerry Washington

Source: © kerrywashington / Instagram, East News

#12 Emilia Clarke

Source: © emilia_clarke / Instagram, East News

#13 Demi Moore

Source: © demimoore / Instagram, East News

#14 Jennifer Lopez

Source: © jlo / Instagram, East News

#15 Megan Fox

Source: © meganfox / Instagram, East News

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