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15 Celebrities Who Make Controversial Comments About Childbirth

Giving birth is always the most magical moment of life. When a new being is born, it is the beginning of something wonderful. The truth is that when giving birth, we all experience the pain, confusion, and excitement that it entails. But no matter what, we all want the same outcome: a safe birth for mother and baby. When a baby appears, it will win the attention of everyone around, from family to friends,… For babies born to famous parents, more and more people pay attention. So many stars rarely or never talk about this sensitive issue.

But that’s not the case for the 15 following celebrities; these people have been controversial for their outspokenness about the whole miracle of birth. There are controversies that stem from people being too TMI, controversies that come from engaging in embarrassing motherhood, controversies about childbirth that are too harsh, and controversies related to childbirth practices that can be considered questionable. Scroll down to check them out.

#1 Jessica Alba

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Promoting the notion that if a mother follows all the necessary steps, she will have the birth experience she desires sparks debate. Unfortunately, it isn’t always the case, and it might be tempting to place the blame on oneself for having a complicated birth. It can be extremely upsetting to hear statements like Jessica Alba’s, according to which you simply allowed it to do what it was meant to do and that if you stay calm and open, birthing will be easier.

#2 Jennifer Lopez

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It is still embarrassing to hear how harsh individuals can be on themselves after giving birth, even though we all know that Jennifer Lopez’s figure is famous in part because of it and that bodies can change significantly throughout pregnancy and childbirth. Jennifer admitted to Us Weekly in 2010 that she remembers her sagging stomach from shortly after giving birth and that she now feels “like, ‘Oh, God, I was fat.'” Even when someone is body-shaming their extremely famous self, it is never cool.

#3 Chrissy Teigen

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Chrissy Teigen is the only one who keeps childbirth realistic and really explicit. She responded in a tweet by claiming that giving birth to Luna had caused her vagina to be torn to her a—hole before going on to provide additional graphic information about her healing process in response to former President Donald Trump’s complaint about the little pain of a COVID-19 test. No offense is intended to Chrissy for being open about the physical challenges of childbirth, but some people may find it unsettling that she used these details to persuade the president to stop talking.

#4 Alicia Silverstone

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In addition to admitting that she ingested her placenta and that she thought giving birth was “almost sexy,” Clueless actress Alicia Silverstone, who is currently appearing in Netflix’s The Baby-Sitters Club, is no stranger to expressing contentious things about bodies, children, and childbirth. Many things about childbirth are positive but sexy. For many people, that is somewhat extreme.

#5 Alyssa Milano

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Miscarriages, unfortunately, can be a part of the entire range of delivery experiences. Recently, the actress Alyssa Milano sparked controversy when she revealed on a podcast that she believed her miscarriage was a form of retribution “essentially for abortions in my 20s.” Some pro-choice supporters and women who have experienced miscarriage weren’t particularly pleased with the thought that there could be karmic retribution for undertaking a safe and legal medical treatment.

#6 Kelly Preston

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Although the Scientology practice of “silent birth,” in which the expectant mother and everyone else present is not allowed to speak at all, has long been divisive, few well-known Scientologists have actually discussed their experiences with it. One of them was the late actress Kelly Preston, who said that her birthing method was the reason why her children were “wonderful, just very calm, very serene, and joyful,” which implied that mothers who had noisy childbirth were to blame for their children’s imperfections.

#7 Ricki Lake

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When it comes to birthing, Ricki Lake has experienced plenty of controversies. She is an outspoken supporter of home births and midwifery, and although some people thought her documentary, The Business of Being Born, was a truly enlightening look at childbirth options, others thought it occasionally displayed mommy shaming toward women who opt for a medicated hospital option. The fact that Ricki claimed that giving birth to her second child unmedicated at home provided him with “a gift… something for him that will affect him no matter who he is” does not lessen the impression that she is a shame when it comes to birthing parents who follow a more conventional path.”

Also, no proof having an epidural or not would have any lasting effects on a child, so perhaps the greatest gift is simply having a healthy mother and child who survived birth, whatever it was.

#8 Megan Fox

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Megan Fox revealed in an interview with Kelly Clarkson that the demand on actors to look nice is so great that she began to consider how to reduce the baby’s weight even as she was in the middle of giving birth. She said she didn’t “want to miss possibilities” because she was a mother.

#9 Christina Aguilera

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Women who admit to scheduling a C-section often get some attention, especially when they do so early (37 weeks in this case) and because they “didn’t want any vaginal tearing,” as Christina Aguilera stated to People in 2008. Even after agreeing to such requests from their pregnant patients, the medical community has faced criticism.

#10 Mayim Bialik

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People who follow Mayim Bialik know that she tends to be more conservative in her parenting choices, so it comes as no surprise to them that she gave birth to her second kid at home. She mentioned having her older child see the birth “from his high chair as he was eating granola,” which is startling and a little contentious. Some folks thought watching this would be extremely distressing for a young boy because it was so detailed.

#11 Alyssa Milano

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Alyssa Milano is back on this list for a good reason. She recently admitted that because she didn’t particularly “like the idea that many people had access” to her vagina, giving birth was “quite evocative of being sexually abused.” There’s a lot there to unpack.

#12 Kim Kardashian

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Kim Kardashian experienced significant difficulties with pregnancy and childbirth in terms of both her health and the amount of body-shaming she received, as is well-known to anyone who even casually follows pop culture. Despite this, it was nevertheless contentious to hear her describe some aspects of her labor as “so nasty” and the fact that her doctor “had to stick his whole arm” inside of her to extract some placenta. Some people refer to that as “keeping things real,” while others term it TMI

#13 Kate Winslet

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In an interview with Gotham, Kate Winslet called herself “a failure” and said that the fact that she had a C-section rather than “a natural birth” had left her profoundly devastated. Of course, it is incorrect and disrespectful to many women who have given birth through c-sections to suggest that giving birth somehow doesn’t constitute a c-section.

#14 Tilda Swinton

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Undoubtedly, childbirth may be a difficult and messy process. Few people would likely use the same words as British actress Tilda Swinton did, even though some people may complain that birthing depictions in movies and television aren’t realistic enough. She claims that giving birth is “a truly, truly murderous business. Giving birth is a violent thing to go through”. In a way, it seems like birth ought to be the ideal antithesis of murder.

#15 Nick Cannon & Mariah Carey

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Even though Mariah Carey has never tried to hide the fact that she is a diva, the news that she planned for her own music to be played as she gave birth to her twins was rather unexpected. Mariah Carey’s ex-boyfriend Nick Cannon revealed that she wanted the babies to be born not only to a Mariah Carey song but also to a live performance of “Fantasy” by Mariah Carey in Madison Square. They arrived to applause as a result. “Okay, Mariah, we get it; you’re talented!”