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24 Moody Cats You Definitely Don’t Dare To Mess With

As you know, cats are cute creatures that you want to cuddle and stroke all day. However, our furry friends are known for peculiar personality, and it’s often hidden behind their adorably big eyes or purring. Sometimes, they can be angry, don’t care anyone, and even make their owners sad. But no matter how bad they are, we still love them so much.

For this reason, we collected hilarious and adorable photos of cats that look so angry to share with you. After taking a look at these 24 moody cat photos, we are sure that you won’t dare to mess with them. Although their faces look so annoyed, don’t you agree with us that they’re still the cutest silly cats?

Scroll down to enjoy! Those eyes look straight into your soul!

1. He knows exactly what you did. And he’s not happy about it.

moody cats

2. “I want to play with you BOTH!”

moody cats

3. “I’m watching you, human…”

moody cats

4. Were you planning to use the internet? Think again.

moody cats

5. Are you scared of some fang?

moody cats

6. He’s definitely thinking about your punishment.

moody cats

7. Wolverine’s got nothing on this cat.

moody cats

8. He’s coming for you…

moody cats

9. You can see by his eyes that he’s not playing games.

moody cats

10. “Hey kids, stay off my lawn!”

moody cats

11. If you’re angry and you know it… scream!

moody cats

12. “I’m not mad. Just disappointed.”

moody cats

13. This poor dog has no idea what’s coming for him.

14. Never play with scissors…

15. “This is my spot, human. Find your own.”

16. “Don’t get too close.”

17. His diabolical plans are all falling into place…

18. He’s the purrrrrsonification of evil.

19. “Take a shower now? Are you kitten me?”

20. His lifelong enemy: the cotton swab

21. “Stop saying I’m cute… I’m EVIL!”

22. “I will show you the paw-er of the Dark Side.”

23. “Don’t pet me! I’m still angry at you.”

24. Once he turns around, it will be too late.

moody cats

Do you have an angry cat? Feel free to share the picture with us in the comment section below!

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