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Friendship Between Rescued Dog And Pig Grows Unexpectedly But Wholeheartedly

Dogs and cats can be great companions; why not pups and pigs. For Carlton and Colt, species-apart is not a problem.

Owners of both animals claimed that their friendship was instant. Carlton is a pig sold as a teacup pig but left when he grew big. Colt is also a rescue dog from abandonment. It could be that the two good souls found they match each other in some ways.

It happened when Amanda Quick, mother of Carlton, took him to her singing rehearse with Mary, owner of Colt. The animal couple started their first interaction quickly and fell into endless funs later from that moment.

Since their first meet, it’s become a tradition for Carlton and Colt to join each other’s company every Monday. Apparently, Carlton knows when the time comes and gets well ready on the exact day.

Carlton the pig is a sweet yet troublemaker pet. Once he settled in the home, he offers ultimate comity and friendliness to his dog brothers. He is not any pig that lazes all day long but makes you laugh and brings joy to his whereabouts.

Colt has been suffering arthritis, but he never ignores the presence of Carlton. The 8-year-old dog actually saves his hops to welcome the pig the second they meet. Probably, Carlton has learned to waggle his tail the same way Colt does as their friendship grows big.

We are quite sure these loving pets have excessive affection to share with anyone who needs it. Please share this beautiful friendship around if you like it.

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