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Flight Attendant Is Predestined To Adopt A Pup That Keeps Waiting For Her

Sometimes, we don’t get to choose our paw companion. It’s seemingly that some of the pets can make the decision themselves, and they also have unique ways to make us want them. This dog is the one predestined for a flight attendant.

Olivia Sievers, a flight attendant from Germany, usually travels to Argentina. When she was in a hotel in Buenos Aires, she met Rubio.

Rubio was a stray dog roaming around that area. He got food and attention from Sievers most frequently when she was there. But after Sievers’s job in Argentina finished, she returned to Germany for six months before coming back on duty.

This time, her return was not an ordinary one anymore. While staying at the same hotel, to all of her surprises, Sievers met Rubio again. The woman never thought after all that time; the dog was still there. It warmed her heart thinking that the dog had been waiting for her every day in half a year after she left.

Sievers reported that she was indeed trying to change her way and delay her leaving time, but none could stop Rubio following her.

It was then she knew she and Rubio were meant to be. The dog wouldn’t forget and leave her after a long period. Who knows how loyal and lovable he would be when becoming an official pet? Sievers pressed that she could not resist such pure love.

This story has a happy ending. The flight attendant took Rubio with her and gave the dog a forever home with her.

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