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Sweet Cats Cuddle With Mom To Comfort And Make Her Feel Better After Surgery

If you are a pet owner, you know that when you’re feeling down or sick, your furry friends will be the best medicine that helps you feel better. Sometimes, they even know which medicines or treatments might be best for you – and in the case of Deb Clay, that was some cuddles.

Deb Clay is an animal lover who has worked for veterinary practices and rescued animals in need over the past several years. She and her husband currently foster five rescue cats named Mojo, Faith, Ossie, Holley, and Timmy. Though the couple tried to find them new forever homes, they knew that all cats didn’t want to leave their house. All of them love their parents so much, and always show them their love every chance they get.

After a knee replacement surgery a few weeks ago, Clay needed time to rest and recover at home. She couldn’t move around a lot, so she often rested in the bed. All five cats immediately noticed that there was something wrong with their beloved mom.

Normally, the cats don’t like to cuddle with their mom at the same time. But when they realized she was sick, they knew they had to do something to help mom. All of them cuddled up with her, trying to comfort and make her feel better.

“I was resting with all of them with me. I had been very tired and it was unusual for all of them to be with me as there is a little cat politics between a couple,” Clay said. “But I felt super chilled with them around me.”

Clay is so grateful that she has little cats who always make sure she feels happy and loved all the time.

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