13 Million-Dollar Roles That Actors Still Get Salty Over Missing On

Everyone has a dream job. From fashion designers to firefighters, there is always that one job we would die to have.

For actors, this dream goes a step further. Some actors have that one dream role that they always dream of playing. But life is not always a dream; even actors with big profiles can still miss out on their dream role.

And that can sting a lot. In fact, we can still hear the regret in their voice when these actors talk about missing out on their dream roles. And how we feel for them! Because these roles are really good! And some only come by once in a lifetime.

While some actors move on from losing their dream roles and even go on to play equally iconic characters, others still look at these missed opportunities with great regret. Let’s take a look at 14 actors that are still salty over losing their dream roles.

#1 Rhaenyra Targaryen — Olivia Cooke

Source: © House of the Dragon / HBO and co-producers

Olivia Cooke was requested to read for two separate characters during her audition for House of the Dragon: Rhaenyra Targaryen and Alicent Hightower. Cooke did beautifully in both roles, but the show’s makers decided that she was more suited for Alicent. Instead, Emma D’Arcy was chosen as Rhaenyra.

#2 Gaston — Idris Elba

Source: © Beauty and the Beast / Walt Disney Pictures and co-producers© Luther / BBC Studios and co-producers

Idris Elba is a huge fan of musicals and aspired to portray Gaston in Beauty and the Beast. He even videotaped himself singing. He didn’t get the part; which eventually went to Luke Evans.

#3 Jake Sully — Chris Pratt

Source: © Avatar / Twentieth Century Fox and co-producers© Guardians of the Galaxy / Marvel Studios and co-producers

In the Avatar franchise, Sam Worthington played Jake Sully. But he has fierce competition, beating out many other actors who auditioned for the part, including Chris Pratt. Despite the setback, Pratt has a great career, including as the Starlord in the MCU franchise, Guardians of the Galaxy.

#4 Birdie Jay — Kaley Cuoco

Source: © Glass Onion / Netflix and co-producers© The Flight Attendant / Warner Bros. Television and co-producers

Kaley Cuoco was sure she’d gotten the job in Glass Onion, and even had her bags ready to go on set. However, Kate Hudson was unexpectedly cast in the role. In her words, Cuoco was so disappointed and cried all night, but she realized that the rejection gives her the opportunity to try out for other projects.

#5 Joel — Jensen Ackles

Source: © The Last of Us / Sony Pictures Television and co-producers© The Boys / Sony Pictures Television and co-producers

Pedro Pascal plays Joel in the film adaptation of The Last of Us. Jensen Ackles has repeatedly shown his desire for this part, but it wasn’t enough. Ackles believes he was not even considered for the role.

#6 Charlie — James Corden

Source: © The Whale / A24 and co-producers© The Prom / Netflix and co-producers

The Whale might have been a totally different movie since it was intended to be directed by Tom Ford and starring James Corden. But Darren Aronofsky ended up directing, and Brendan Fraser accepted the starring role. To critical acclaim!

#7 Cosette — Emma Watson

Source: © Alice Through the Looking Glass / Walt Disney Pictures and co-producers© The Favourite / Searchlight Pictures and co-producers

Emma Watson was one of several actresses who aspired to play Cosette in the musical Les Misérables. Amanda Seyfried ended up playing Cosette however. Watson still got her chance to sing in a musical years later when she played Belle in Beauty and the Beast.

#8 Thor — Alexander Skarsgård

Source: © Thor / Paramount Pictures and co-producers© The Legend of Tarzan / Warner Bros. and co-producers

Alexander was considered for the role of Thor in the MCU. He came so far in the selection process that he got to try on a costume and handle the hammer in one of his auditions, but the role ultimately went to Chris Hemsworth.

#9 Alice Kingsleigh — Emma Stone

Source: © Alice Through the Looking Glass / Walt Disney Pictures and co-producers© The Favourite / Searchlight Pictures and co-producers

Both Emma Stone and Jennifer Lawrence auditioned for the main role in Alice in Wonderland. Mia Wasikowska was cast instead, leaving her colleagues disappointed. Stone still described her rejection as “devastating.”

#10 Robin Buckley — Nicola Coughlan

Source: © Stranger Things / Netflix and co-producers© Bridgerton / Shondaland and co-producers

Maya Hawke edged out Nicola Coughlan for the part of Robin in Stranger Things. Maya, according to Nicola, totally deserved it. Nicola went on to feature in another Netflix series, Bridgerton.

#11 Peter Parker — Dylan Minnette

Source: © Spider-Man: Far from Home / Columbia Pictures and co-producers© 13 Reasons Why / Anonymous Content and co-producers

Many young actors fought to be MCU Spider-Man before Tom Holland got the role. Among them was Dylan Minnette. He added that he just did not put forth enough effort in the audition since he was not prepared for such a demanding part at the time.

#12 Diana Prince — Elodie Yung

Source: © Justice League / Warner Bros. and co-producers© The Defenders / Netflix and co-producers

Several actresses were considered for the part of Wonder Woman in the DCEU, but Gal Gadot won. Elodie Yung, who subsequently featured as Elektra Natchios in another superhero project, the TV series Daredevil, was one of the considerations.

#13 Rachel Patton — Meghann Fahy

Source: © The White Lotus / Rip Cord Productions and co-producers

Alexandra Daddario played Rachel in the first season of The White Lotus, although another actress, Meghann Fahy, auditioned for the part as well. No love lost here: Meghann was later cast on the hit show as Daphne in Season Two.