12 Times Avid Movie Viewers Noticed Silly Mistakes But Editors Missed

Filmmaking is a massive undertaking. It is not merely a crew pointing a bunch of cameras at actors and hoping they don’t forget their lines. From pre-production to post-production, there are many aspects of filmmaking that we can’t see.

Many might not know that in every shot we see, someone had worked their ass off to make sure that there isn’t a cell phone appearing in the final cut of historical films or that plate of food doesn’t keep refilling itself every time someone takes a massive bite of their meal.

Despite the huge effort to keep track of, the occasional error is bound to slip by actors, directors, and even editors, leading to some truly baffling and oftentimes hilarious movie goofs. Mistakes in movies are unavoidable but thankfully, they are noticeable by attentive viewers.

We’ve rounded up 12 times viewers spotted seemingly silly mistakes in movies that editors and directors missed. If you want to see more, read these articles: 10 Movie Goofs That Neither Directors Nor Even Editors Noticed, 12 Details From Iconic Movies, and 19 Movie Bloopers That Have Become a Thorn in Viewers’ Side.

#1 Mamma Mia!

Silly MistakesSource: © Mamma Mia! / Universal Pictures and co-producers

“Mamma Mia!” is a huge success with a great Hollywood cast. Despite that, it doesn’t leave it free of certain mistakes. When Meryl Streep’s character goes into the kitchen, a newspaper resting on the table disappears in the next shot.

#2 50 First Dates

Source: © 50 First Dates / Sony Pictures Entertainment and co-producers

“50 First Dates” impressed viewers with not only its sweet narrative but the excellent chemistry between Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore. The story grabbed our attention so much that we got unnoticed that in a scene, a glass of water was replaced by a cup of coffee.

#3 P.S. I Love You

Source: © P.S. I Love You / Alcon Entertainment and co-producers

In the movie, there is a scene when Hilary Swank receives her dry cleaning, there is a transformation from a picture of balloons to one of a bird.

#4 Twilight

Silly MistakesSource: © Twilight / Summit Entertainment and co-producers

Even if you are a fan of “Twilight”, you are possibly missing mistakes in the movie. The self behind Edward has a decoration but it was changed after a couple of words from Bella.

#5 My Best Friend’s Wedding

Source: © My Best Friend’s Wedding / Sony Pictures Entertainment and co-producers

“My Best Friend’s Wedding” is one of the most remembered romantic comedies of the ’90. Despite that, it includes some little mistakes. And one of them is the scene where Jules catches up with Michael at the train station, there are 2 employees passing by with a silver suitcase before she sits down next to him.

#6 A Walk to Remember

Silly MistakesSource: © A Walk to Remember / Warner Bros. Pictures and co-producers

The movie is about a love story so sweet and positive that it sneaks past the defenses built up in this age of irony. Perhaps it is so magical that it makes objects disappear. Jamie appears with a backpack on her back that once the shot changes, disappears.

#7 Notting Hill

Source: © Notting Hill / Universal Music Group and co-producers

Remember that a scene that William Thacker (played by Huge Grant) whose shirt was dirty with orange juice? In the next shot, when Anna Scott (played by Julia Roberts), the clothing stains were removed without reason.

#8 Captain America: Civil War

Source: © Captain America: Civil War / Marvel Studios

In this superhero movie, we can notice that Captain America’s shield is covered by Spider-Man’s web. But after seconds, when Spider-man holds the shield, the trophy is absolutely clean. Some viewers wondered how did he manage to clean it so fast.

#9 Love Actually

Silly MistakesSource: © Love Actually / Universal Pictures and co-producers

In a scene in which Andrew Lincoln’s character shows Keira Knightley the video of their wedding, some devices on the top of the TV are removed magically after just seconds.

#10 Game of Thrones

Source: © Game of Thrones / HBO and co-producers

In the movie, the warriors are loyal that they are ready to sacrifice their lives for Daenerys, their Queen and none of them have any romantic relationships with women. However, a warrior is spotted wearing a ring. He got married or maybe just likes jewelry.

#11 Titanic

Silly MistakesSource: © Titanic / Twentieth Century Fox and co-producers

“Titanic” is one of the best movies of all time but it includes some mistakes. In a scene (02:06:06) where Jack is handcuffed to a ship’s tube, we see him in suspenders, but after seconds when Rose frees him with an ax, they disappeared.

#12 Titanic

Silly MistakesSource: © Titanic / Twentieth Century Fox and co-producers

When attending a very elegant dinner with her mother, Rose wears an expensive necklace. But when she leaves the gala because of the comments of the attendees, and run on the ballroom, we can’t see her necklace anymore.