12 Stupid Movie Costume Fails That Shamefully Made It On-screen

Making a movie that takes place in a historical period is no walk in the park. You can't just slap on any old outfit and call it a day - you need to have a real grip on the fashion of the time. Unfortunately, even with all the experts on set, some movies still end up making fashion faux pas that'll make you want to facepalm. Sometimes, things don't go as planned.
And it's not just low-budget films, folks. Even the bigwigs in Hollywood can't seem to get it right all the time. So, grab your drink and get ready to cringe as we take a look at 12 movies that totally dropped the ball when it came to costumes. From stupid historical inaccuracy and unintentional wardrobe blunders, to poorly designed outfits that looked like they were put together in a last-minute rush, we'll cover it all.
These are the moments that the costume designers, actors, and movie studios wish you'd forget, but nope, we're here to bring them back to the forefront.

#1 Julius Caesar (1953)

Source: IMDb

Let's start with Julius Caesar (1953). Apparently, they didn't have a time machine to get their hands on some authentic ancient Roman bras, because they dressed the lady in the movie in a pointy "bullet bra" from the 1950s. I mean, come on, guys! Did you really think nobody would notice? It's like dressing a caveman in a pair of Nikes. It just doesn't make sense!

#2 Crank: High Voltage (2009)

Source: IMDb

But wait, it gets worse! When Eve Lydon climbs onto a motorcycle, she accidentally flashes her underwear to the whole world. Some people think this was a deliberate move to create buzz around the movie. I mean, it's one way to get people talking, I guess. But personally, I think they could have gone with a less revealing approach. Maybe just give the motorcycle a fancy paint job or something.

#3 Bad Boys II (2003)

Source: YouTube / Movieclips

Let's talk about Gabrielle Union in Bad Boys II (2003). Now, we all know that she's drop-dead gorgeous, so it's no surprise that people are always on the lookout for a wardrobe malfunction. And boy, did they find one!
In one scene, Union throws a gun into a minefield and ducks for cover. As she ducks, her dress decides to take a little slide down, and bam! There's a nip slip that nobody was expecting. But hey, at least it made for a memorable moment, right?

#4 Dirty Dancing (1987)

Source: IMDb

Most people were too busy getting caught up in the film's epic romance and incredible dance moves to notice Baby's fashion choices. But for those with an eye for detail, you might have noticed something a little off about her jean shorts.
You see, the movie is set in the early 1960s, but Baby's shorts are actually more reminiscent of the '80s. But hey, who cares about accuracy when you've got Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey dancing up a storm?

#5 Teen Wolf (1985)

Source: YouTube

Teen Wolf (1985) is a movie that proves you don't need a big budget to make it big at the box office. But with a movie centered around a teenage boy who turns into a werewolf, you can bet that there were bound to be some wardrobe malfunctions.
In one scene toward the end of the movie, eagle-eyed viewers might have noticed an extra fiddling around with their nether regions. But here's the twist - it wasn't what it seemed. In fact, it was a woman trying to zip up her open fly. Oops!

#6 Captain America: The First Avenger (2011)

Source: IMDb

Now, don't get me wrong, the haircut was totally in line with the style of the World War II era in which the movie is set. But the issue was that Hayley Atwell’s character, who served in the army, shouldn't have been wearing her hair down. Come on, Peggy, let's get with the program and tie those locks back!

#7 Elizabeth I (2005 miniseries)

Source: YouTube

Ah, Elizabeth I (2005 miniseries), a great example of how historical accuracy can be thrown out the window for the sake of fashion. Helen Mirren's portrayal of the queen was impeccable, but there was a bit of a wardrobe malfunction.
In the show, Elizabeth I is frequently seen wearing a neck ruff, which was a fashionable accessory in Tudor England. The problem was that the ruff was meant to be worn with a shirt that covered the neck. Unfortunately, Mirren's character seemed to have missed that memo and went for a more revealing look.

#8 Glory (1989)

Source: Watchesinmovies

Looks like someone from the props department forgot to do their research! Whoever was wearing that self-winding watch that wasn't invented until 1923 must have been a time traveler! Maybe they just had a really advanced sense of timekeeping.

#9 Pompeii (2014)

Source: Kiefer Sutherland

In Pompeii, they had characters wearing purple dye capes, which is a big no-no. While purple dye did exist in ancient Rome during the reign of Emperor Nero, he was the only one allowed to wear the color and made it punishable by death for anyone else to do so.
Looks like the Pompeii filmmakers should have done their homework before breaking the emperor's law.

#10 Saving Private Ryan (1998)

Source: YouTube

It's not uncommon for historical inaccuracies to be present in movies, even ones as well-researched as Saving Private Ryan. However, in this case, it's worth noting that the filmmakers may have made a conscious decision to use black boots for aesthetic or practical reasons, rather than to accurately reflect historical accuracy.
But hey, black boots weren't even a thing until the 1950s!

#11 Back to the Future (1985)

Source: IMDb

Listen, we don't want to be the time-traveling party poopers here, but let's face it: when you're zipping around in a DeLorean and altering the course of history, a few anachronisms are the least of your worries. But hey, we gotta nitpick something, right?
Like how Marty McFly plays a guitar from the future during a 1950s dance, which is like wearing a tuxedo to a beach party. But hey, if you can time-travel, I guess you can break a few fashion rules, right?

#12 Schindler’s List

Source: YouTube / Movieclips Classic Trailers

Well, in Schindler's List, we see some women with clean-shaven armpits and legs, which is all fine and dandy...except for the fact that it wasn't really a thing during the Holocaust. But hey, it's still a powerful and moving film, so let's not nitpick too much.
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