12 Cringeworthy Moments Jimmy Fallon Makes You Roll Your Eyes

Jimmy Fallon has a reputation for being able to lure viewers into his drawings with his charm and charisma. His disposition was contagious. His chuckle was also. His strength had partially evolved into defying character. Fallon’s fame helped him land a few acting roles and even a talk show, first with NBC’s Late Night and later with The Tonight Show.

He contributed his original thoughts and humorous stories to the show. He became a beloved late-night host due to his comic personality and improv. Some reviewers and even fans, meanwhile, concur that Fallon sometimes oversells a joke. He may be accused of laughing a little too hard too often at jokes that aren’t really all that hilarious.

Jimmy Fallon is one of the most adored late-night hosts even though his chuckle occasionally goes wild! How can you criticize him for that when his laughter is contagious and he does his best to make people smile?

Below are 12 times Jimmy Fallon was so cringeworthy that you have to roll your eyes

Jimmy Fallon Interviews Jason Statham

The Tonight Show was the venue where Jason Statham appeared to promote The Expendables 3. While Statham can now joke about the incident, it was evident during the conversation that Fallon found practically everything the actor said to be amusing. Statham tells about the time he almost drowned on location.

Cardi B on The Tonight Show

In 2017, Cardi B made her Tonight Show debut, and the “Bodak Yellow” artist provided some unique moments throughout the conversation. Overall, despite some awkward exchanges, the interview was engaging, and the late-night host made an effort to get some chuckles in.

Joaquin Phoenix’s Bizarre Interview

Joaquin sought to play a game with Jimmy Fallon in which he had to pick a fact about the actor from a list of three possibilities. Fallon does his best to make jokes and laugh during the game, while Joaquin attempts to play with it.

Michael Cera’s Backstage Incident with Jimmy Fallon

Fallon and Cera pretended to be involved in a backstage altercation. The joke doesn’t land as elegantly despite the entire interview building up to it.

Jimmy Fallon and Nicole Kidman’s Infamous Love Story

The host is slowly fitting everything together as Nicole describes her perspective of what she believed to be a date with Fallon, which causes some awkward giggles.

Maisie Williams’s Game of Thrones Spoiler

Maisie played a great role in the setup of the joke and delivered a Game of Thrones spoiler as an April Fool’s joke, but the joke itself looked a little too blatant. This was just too funny to Fallon.

Gordon Ramsay Fills Up the Swear Jar

Fallon’s jokes and laughs in a clear attempt to encourage Ramsay to curse didn’t make this interview all that amusing.

Jimmy Fallon’s Riveting Interview with Dakota Johnson

There seems to be much interest in Dakota Johnson’s space between her two front teeth. Johnson closed the deficit, and it was a terrific topic for discussion. By laughing after each clever comment Johnson made, Fallon attempted to make the narrative appear more interesting than it actually is.

Jimmy Fallon Interviews Liam Neeson

Fallon begins to imitate an Italian man as Liam Neeson begins to relate a narrative in an attempt to make it appear more vibrant, but it came out as a rather strange interjection.

Jimmy Fallon Interviews Anne Hathaway

What is recalled from this interview is Fallon’s exuberant laughing and overly expressive hand movements.

Jonah Hill’s Ice Cube Story

Unlike the crowd, Jimmy Fallon undoubtedly considered this incident to be more engaging.

The Gummy Worm

The segment drags on for too long when Fallon pulls out a giant gummy worm for Dwayne Johnson to munch on.