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Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Net Worth 2022

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are considered one of the sweetest Hollywood couples of our time. Both movie stars are not only successful in the film industry but also become ambassadors of many luxurious, well-known brands. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds net worth is estimated at around $180 million as of 2022.

Do you wonder how the duo spends their money? Continue reading this article to find out their main sources of income and the way they use their money. 

#1. Lively & Reynolds Love Story

lively-reynolds-net-worthSource: CinemaBlend

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds first met in 2010 when they both starred in the Green Lantern movie. They started dating one year later and got married in September 2012 at Boone Hall Plantation in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. They now have three beautiful daughters and another one is on the way. 

#2. Blake Lively’s Net Worth

lively-reynolds-net-worthSource: USA Today

Blake Lively was born in 1987 in Los Angeles, USA in a family heavily involved in the entertainment industry. Her father is actor Ernie Lively, and Blake made her professional debut in his father’s movie Sandman in 1998. However, Blake only gained notability and widespread recognition for her role Serena van der Woodsen in the teen drama television series Gossip Girl. According to Daily Mail, Blake brought home about $50,000 per Gossip Girl episode. Besides movies, Blake is famous for her impeccable fashion taste, just like her portrayal of Serena. Thus, she has endorsement deals with some well-known brands such as Chanel, Gucci, L’Oreal, Balmain, Judith Leiber, etc. As Celebrity Net Worth estimated, Blake’s value is worth $30 million. 

#3. Ryan Reynolds’s Net Worth

ryan-reynolds-deadpoolSource: Koimoi

Ryan Rodney Reynolds is a Canadian-American actor who was born in 1976. The Deadpool star is among one of the highest-paid actors of all time, he has considerable success in both film and television. Ryan earned around $21.5 million for his role in Marvel’s Deadpool – one of his most successful movies. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the star would take home much more than $10 million from box-office bonuses if the hit reaches $800 million in global sales. Additionally, Ryan owns a Welsh soccer team, Wrexham AFC, and several properties. His net worth is around $150 million. 

#4. How did Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds spend their $180 million?

lively-reynolds-net-worthSource: Velvet Ropes

 Though the two lovebirds keep a relatively low profile, there are several purchases the couple has made. Blake and Ryan own a $5 million country home in Bedford, New York City. They bought this mansion in 2012, just six months after they started dating. The 4,753-square-foot house is where the two movie stars live with their children. Apart from common properties, the couple also spent a hefty amount on their hobbies. While the Gossip Girl Lively owns a glamorous wardrobe, including luxury brands like Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Louboutins, etc., her husband Ryan spends hundreds of thousands of dollars on car collections. The Red Notice actor has at least 20 cars ranging from Lamborghini Aventador, Audi R8, Cadillac Escalade, Mercedes-Benz 190 SL, Ducati GT1000, and so on. 

Now, do you have your own answer about how much money Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds have as a couple? Those are the accumulation of their hard work and dedication in the entertainment industry for years.

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