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10 Actors Bafflingly Bombed Iconic Roles’ Auditions

With any iconic role in a blockbuster film comes a string of rejected actors. Being called for auditions and not receiving good results is no strange thing to Hollywood stars. However, some auditions for promising viral characters went on so badly that they marked unfadable spots in these actors’ careers. They are embarrassing, painful, and even hysterical memories of A-list stars.

Sometimes, actors decide to turn down a huge role, only to regret it later. Other times, things don’t go their way. Even the very best can still botch an audition. Hollywood stars are humans. They have good and bad days too. Their hilariously failed auditions prove that even when a big door closes, another chance will be made.

Check out these times when top-list actors blew major auditions!

#1. Elizabeth Olsen – Game of Thrones

Actors Bafflingly Bombed Iconic Roles' AuditionsSource: Getty Images, HBO

In the audition, Olsen did the ‘Khaleesi speech when she comes out of the fire’. She knew it was awful and didn’t receive a callback. The role goes to Emilia Clarke.

#2. Chris Pine – Avatar

Actors Bafflingly Bombed Iconic Roles' AuditionsSource: Paramount Pictures / 20th Century Fox

The Star Trek captain failed Avatar’s audition so miserably that he said he would be haunted by it for the rest of his life. He could not put himself together and say the scripting line “Come follow me, I’ll save you!” decently.

#3. Leonardo DiCaprio – Moulin Rouge

Source: 20th Century Fox

Moulin Rouge is a romantic musical drama, and Leo DiCaprio can not sing. That’s why he has not appeared in this feature or any musical flicks and never will. That terrible audition just woke him wide awake!

#4. Eddie Redmayne – The Hobbit

Source: Getty Images, New Line Cinema

The Fantastic Beast star auditioned for the role of Bilbo. He tried to copy the way Ian Holmes played the character in The Lord of the Rings, but only a few words into the audition, he was stopped. Then, his own voice didn’t work well either.

#5. Emma Stone – Alice in Wonderland

Actors Bafflingly Bombed Iconic Roles' AuditionsSource: Getty Images, Disney

The La La Land star said that she auditioned for the lead role in Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland. It turned out devastating. The part eventually went to Australian actress Mia Wasikowska.

#6. Taylor Lautner – Camp Rock

Source: Getty Images

The Twilight star could have been the face of Disney’s Camp Rock. The director said he was not Shane Gray enough. The audition was not too bad, but the role went to Joe Jonas.

#7. Jake Gyllenhaal – The Lord of the Rings

Source: Pandora Cinema / New Line Cinema

Jake Gyllenhaal pretty much tanked his audition as Frodo (the part that eventually went to Elijah Wood) in The Lord of the Rings trilogy. In the audition, he was asked to only look at the ring, and he didn’t realize how important it was. Director Peter Jackon teased him that he was the worst actor ever.

#8. Tom Holland – Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens

Actors Bafflingly Bombed Iconic Roles' AuditionsSource: Getty Images, Lucasfilm / Disney

Tom Holland was an option for Finn (eventually played by John Boyega) in Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens. He had several auditions where he played Finn accompanied by a drone, which was played by a woman. He found it super funny, got out of his role, and laughed the whole time.

#9. Timothée Chalamet – Spider-Man

Source: Samir Hussein / WireImage, Chuck Zlotnick / Columbia Pictures

Timothée Chalamet wasn’t at his best when he auditioned to play Spider-Man (a role that later went to Tom Holland) in the MCU. He was panicked and sweating after the audition since he knew he messed it up.

#10. Meryl Streep – King Kong

Actors Bafflingly Bombed Iconic Roles' AuditionsSource: GettyImages, Dino De Laurentiis Company

A 26-year-old Streep, who had yet to make her film debut, was asked by the son of legendary producer Dino De Laurentiis to audition for his father’s remake of King Kong. When she first auditioned, the producer called her “too ugly” in Italian. What a shock to a newbie actress!

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