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“Life With Kids” Moments That Will Make You Stay Child-Free

So you are thinking about having a kid and finally becoming a parent? Well, maybe you should reconsider. Trust us when we say, “Don’t believe those wholesome life with kids photos on Instagram!” Having a child is a terrifying experience that may leave you with a destroyed house and PTSD. Bookmark this post so you can send this link to your mom whenever she demands grandkids!

Being a parent is the best and funniest thing in the world, but it has never been easy, and it never will be. While some kids with a calm temperament are “easier” to raise, others can often cause headaches. And kids with more energy can make parenting the most difficult job in the world. But regardless of their character, being a mom or dad is still a beautiful journey.

So, scroll down and enjoy our collection of hilarious photos that will put you to the test to see if you are ready for children or if you should stay child-free.

#1. The best part of waking up is having your kids standing on your face as an alarm clock.

Source: sadanduseless

#2. Ha, having kids is fun they said.

Source: sadanduseless

#3. Even the dogs know how bad an idea this was.

Source: TheEllenShow

#4. *sigh*

Source: sadanduseless

#5. Leave them alone for 10 seconds and you will regret it:

Source: sadanduseless


Source: sadanduseless


Source: sadanduseless

#8. Oh… the cleaning will be a nightmare.

Source: sadanduseless


Source: sadanduseless

#10. And there will be a lot of this:


#11. This:

Source: M-Lin

#12. And this:

Source: sadanduseless

#13. “I didn’t do it. It was the dog.”

Source: poppzE

#14.”It wasn’t me”

Source: sadanduseless

#15. Ouch.

Source: Mrestemayer18

#16. There will be a lot of crying, for absolutely nothing; Like the time his dinner wasn’t ready.

Source: justsomething

#17. Or when he can’t find his rubber duck.

Source: justsomething

#18. Or when you broke the cheese in half.

Source: justsomething

#19. “I was about to do laundry when I got distracted. So my daughter just put a couple of my monthly salaries inside a washing machine.”

Source: brightside

#20. Just look at these parents around the world.

Source: KaiserNikko

#21. See, they even have a supersonic speed reflex.

Source: Irrelevant_Turnip

#22. And lastly, this is what life with kids actually looks like:

Source: sadanduseless

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