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25 Comics By Michael Ashton That Are So Cute They Make Your Heart Melt

What often do you do when you’re feeling down and everything looks dull? Perhaps a few humorous delights will lift your spirits. A range of amusing comics produced online every day can crack you up. One of the most talented comics artists is Michael Ashton who has given the Internet a gift with his clever and suspenseful comic strips. They could appear sweet and innocent at first, but by the time you reach the last panel, many of them turn quite ominous!

Michael Ashton is an American man who currently resides in Germany and has lately begun an artistic journey. Four years ago, he began creating the humorous web-comic “Light roast” which is both witty and occasionally thought-provoking. His creative approach is highly influenced by daily life, from chats with his friends to inspiration while jogging. He always tries to avoid themes that are crude or obscene for him, adhering instead to wise counsel and some “biting” satire. Only a small number of characters and narratives appear repeatedly in his art, and his subjects are essentially random.

Michael never imagined that he would create comics or give the best life roasts. His goal was to create episodes that could be enjoyed peacefully till the rest of the series. His schedule now includes comics, and he is having an amazing time doing it. For those who enjoy reading touching comics along the road, he has plans for more “seasons.” The artist believes that his straightforward art will inspire more people to take a risk with their own creativity and attempt something different.

Michael firmly believes that one of the best ways to convey important messages is through humor. He started drawing a comic called “Little Archer” that centers on an RPG character searching for his parents with little stats. Beneath are 25 of his most lovable comics and feel free to visit his stunning website for more!

#1 Stardew it yourself

Comics By Michael Ashton, Stardew it yourself, heart illustrationsSource: lightroastcomics

#2 Cool kids

Comics By Michael Ashton, Cool kids, heart illustrationsSource: lightroastcomics

#3 The ancient ones

Comics By Michael Ashton, The ancient ones, heart illustrationsSource: lightroastcomics

#4 Oatmeal trap

Comics By Michael Ashton, Oatmeal trap, heart illustrationsSource: lightroastcomics

#5 Sick robe

Comics By Michael Ashton, Sick robe, heart illustrationsSource: lightroastcomics

#6 A hot take

Comics By Michael Ashton, A hot take, heart illustrationsSource: lightroastcomics

#7 Let’s be confused

Comics By Michael Ashton, Let's be confused, heart illustrationsSource: lightroastcomics

#8 Something dramatic

Comics By Michael Ashton, Something dramatic, heart illustrationsSource: lightroastcomics

#9 Little Archer

Comics By Michael Ashton, Little ArcherSource: lightroastcomics

#10 Pinky nice ghost

Comics By Michael Ashton, Pinky nice ghost, heart illustrationsSource: lightroastcomics

#11 Lifetime pic

Comics By Michael Ashton, Lifetime picSource: lightroastcomics

#12 Nice commercial

Nice commercial, heart illustrationsSource: lightroastcomics

#13 You deserve it

Comics By Michael Ashton, You deserve itSource: lightroastcomics

#14 Life support

Comics By Michael Ashton, Life support, heart illustrationsSource: lightroastcomics

#15 Good fortune

Comics By Michael Ashton, Good fortune, heart illustrationsSource: lightroastcomics

#16 It’s everyday bro

Comics By Michael Ashton, It's everyday bro, heart illustrationsSource: lightroastcomics

#17 Inky swole ghost

, Inky swole ghostSource: lightroastcomics

#18 Ph.ony D.octor

Comics By Michael Ashton, Ph.ony D.octor, heart illustrationsSource: lightroastcomics

#19 Why the M?

Comics By Michael Ashton, heart illustrationsSource: lightroastcomics

#20 More influencers

Comics By Michael Ashton, More influencers, heart illustrationsSource: lightroastcomics

#21 Ready for the fall

Comics By Michael Ashton, Ready for the fall, heart illustrationsSource: lightroastcomics

#22 D.A.R.E.

Comics By Michael Ashton, D.A.R.E., heart illustrationsSource: lightroastcomics

#23 Kids these days

Comics By Michael Ashton, Kids these daysSource: lightroastcomics

#24 Creatures of freedom

Comics By Michael Ashton, Creatures of freedom, heart illustrationsSource: lightroastcomics

#25 Simple product

Comics By Michael Ashton, Simple productSource: lightroastcomics