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10 Best Kits At The World Cup 2022, Which Is Your Favorite?

There’s no need to sugarcoat it: the 2022 World Cup will not be remembered for the quality of the jerseys worn by the participating teams. Of course, there are bigger issues with this tournament, but the shirts that will be on display in Qatar have disappointed the kit-obsessed among us. Whatever Nike was going for with England’s atrocity of a home strip is just one example of their many failed design attempts. They’ve managed the unthinkable and produced a poor Netherlands shirt.

However, Puma has included a box in most of their new clothes as a follow-up to their series of unsightly template kits for Euro 2020. It’s puzzling and repulsive in equal measure. Moreover, there won’t be any classic Italy or Nigeria uniforms to covet. However, this month is not without its treasures. We’ve selected our favorites, and in the end, you may vote for your favorite home jersey from the entire tournament.

1. Saudi Arabia (away)

Source: Getty Images

The closest thing to a Nigerian uniform we’ll see at this World Cup. The pattern of leaves is lovely.

2. France (home)

Source: Getty Images

Argentina’s traditional home jersey from Adidas features a more traditional design. That’s fine with us.

3. Argentina (home)

Source: Getty Images

To commemorate France’s 2018 World Cup victory, Nike has opted for a darker shade of blue than the national team’s uniform. Modern and alluring.

4. Ecuador (away)

Source: Getty Images

Marathon have come up with a World Cup surprise with this gorgeous dark blue attempt for Ecuador’s away kit, which looks even better in person. While the front geometric pattern isn’t for everyone, it definitely grabs attention without being overwhelming.

5. Germany (home)

Source: Getty Images

Adidas have managed the impossible by making the black stripe down the middle of the German home jersey look good. The German tricolor round neck top with gold accents is a perfect fit.

6. Wales (home)

Source: Getty Images

Adidas didn’t skimp on making a clean and stylish Wales jersey. There isn’t much more to say besides the fact that it’s absolutely stunning to look at.

7. England (away)

Source: Getty Images

England’s away shirt, Nike’s best effort of the tournament, nearly makes up for the home shirt’s failure. Modeled after the away jersey worn by the Italian national team at the 1990 World Cup, which certainly didn’t hurt their chances.

8. Senegal (home)

Source: Getty Images

Stunning. The sleeve designs with the flag of Senegal and the chevron across the chest are stunning. It’s puzzling that Puma has been on a recent losing streak when they’re capable of producing jerseys of this caliber.

9. Japan (home)

Source: Getty Images

The usual eye-catching originality from Japan’s home jersey.

10. Mexico (home)

Source: Getty Images

The Mexicans never fail to deliver. Actually, it does every four years when it comes to the round of 16, but when it comes to their kits, they are often the best dressed. In 2022, with this stylish piece from Adidas, it certainly is.