11 Movie Outfits That Become A Living Nightmare For Their Actor

Costumes are an essential part of bringing movie magic to life!

An important tool in story-telling, costumes are a medium between the movie makers and the audience, communicating the details of a character’s personality, to the setting of a movie. It can even help actors breathes life into their characters.

That means movie costumes can be a lot of things. Convincing, yes. Beautiful, absolutely! Comfortable? Well, not so much.

We have heard many stories about how movie costumes are a nightmare for their actors. From stories of male actors with tight padding to hide the line of a certain part of their anatomy, to actresses with horror stories of skin-tight bodysuits, putting on movie costumes seems like a lot of commitment.

But just how difficult can these costumes be? Let’s go through these 11 movie costumes that are nightmares for their actors right here, and see how uncomfortable they may be.

#1 Margot Robbie — Harley Quinn

Source: © Suicide Squad / Atlas Entertainment and co-producers

This supervillain became famous owing mostly to her costume, which comprised of a shredded white T-shirt, short glittering shorts, and fishnet tights. However, the actress was not a fan of the outfit. Margot Robbie stated that when drenched wet, the T-shirt clung to her body so much that she felt self-conscious about it.

#2 Ryan Reynolds — Green Lantern

Source: © Green Lantern / Warner Bros. and co-producers

The Green Lantern’s superhero suit was entirely CGI-ed. During the post-production, the actor had to wear a unique motion-picture-capturing suit that was subsequently turned into Green Lantern’s costume. Ryan Reynolds claimed that he would rather wear a genuine superhero outfit because the suit was so uncomfortable.

#3 Kit Harington — Jon Snow

Source: © Game of Thrones / HBO and co-producers

The actor stated that his outfit was quite thick and heavy. He also had the impression that the costume designers made it heavier each year. Harington also remarked how bad it smelled due to the lack of ventilation.

#4 Emilia Clarke — Daenerys

Source: © Game of Thrones / HBO and co-producers

The Game of Thrones actress feels that her male coworkers were lucky compared to their feminine counterparts. Filmed in hotter regions, the actresses’ costumes did not have a cool-down system. For example, Emilia Clarke was only permitted to have her wig lifted to stay cool.

#5 Tom Holland — Spider-Man

Source: © Spider-Man: Homecoming / Marvel Studios and co-producers

In an interview, Tom Holland claimed that his costume was composed of very coarse fabric, so he had to wear a thong and a mesh underlay suit below to protect his skin. Furthermore, the garment contained hidden zippers that no one could ever find, making it extremely tough to take off.

#6 Elizabeth Olsen — Scarlet Witch

Source: © Avengers: Infinity War / Marvel Studios and co-producers

The Scarlett Witch’s onscreen costume included deep cleavage, according to Elizabeth Olsen. Since other actresses were more covered with their costumes, she, too, wanted her chest to be covered.

#7 Angelina Jolie — Lara Croft

Source: © Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life / Paramount Pictures and co-producers

Angelina Jolie disliked her Tomb Raider suit because it was too tight. In order to resemble the titular heroine from the franchise, the actor had to wear prosthetic paddings to increase her bust size.

#8 Chris Hemsworth — Thor

Source: © Thor / Marvel Studios and co-producers

The Norse god’s armor is both beautiful and uncomfortable. After a few months of filming, Chris Hemsworth gained so much weight that he could no longer fit into his costume. Because the sleeves were so tight, his hands were numb. Fortunately, wardrobe designers adjusted the garment for Hemsworth.

#9 Alyssa Milano — Phoebe

Source: © Charmed / Viacom Productions and co-producers

Throughout the series, the Charmed ones wore a variety of outfits. However, many of them, according to Alyssa Milano, were far too exposing. In 80% of the sequences, they were clad in what seemed to be undergarments. Nonetheless, Alyssa Milano adored the show and its characters.

#10 Carrie Fisher — Princess Leia

Source: © The Empire Strikes Back / Lucasfilm and co-producers

When Princess Leia was caught and imprisoned by Jabba the Hutt, she is forced to wear a highly provocative outfit, a silver bikini. According to Carrie Fisher, this outfit is a curse: because she couldn’t have lines on her sides, she had to sit up straight.

#11 Benedict Cumberbatch — Sherlock Holmes

Source: © Sherlock / Hartswood Films and co-producers

Benedict Cumberbatch admitted that he hated Sherlock’s outfits. He said that, despite the fact that the costumes were well-tailored, the waist was far too tiny. This is why he was uneasy on set and couldn’t breathe or eat properly.