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Reply To These 30 Dumbest, Pettiest Warning Signs With Your Biggest LOLs

These warning signs, announcements, and statements are stunningly too petty and dumb to exist, but they do. Some people just get enough of others’ silliness and stupidity, and some try to be positively negative (or negatively positive, we are not sure). They all come up with baffling ideas to let the world know how desperate they are.

They leave signs with a bunch of irony and sarcasm that show how they turn petty due to others’ inappropriate behaviors. On the one hand, these instructions are mean. On the other hand, bypassers have better follow them. Do you know the funniest and most helpful part of these signs?

Everybody can giggle and chuckle while looking at them via the internet, no matter where they roll. Let’s prepare your biggest LOL sign to reply to the compilation below!

#1. Forensics Lab Rules

Warning SignsSource: u/Tinkerer221

#2. Important information for all dog owners

Warning SignsSource: u/WhyIsLife12

#3. Why it’s important to vote!

Source: u/HappyJacket3113

#4. Sign at a gas station by my work

Warning SignsSource: reddit

#5. At my local park

Source: u/No_Gap_65

#6. How to avoid becoming a kidnap victim.

Warning SignsSource: u/groomleader

#7. Some kind of farmersonly.com swinger party

Source: u/MartinysBBQ

#8. It does look risky

Warning SignsSource: u/koug44

#9. I broke my toilet a few times this year, so my roommate got a text from our landlord framed

Source: u/bennythomson

#10. This is creepy tho hahaha LOL

Source: u/SweetRedheart

#11. Bet you got it all wrong lol

Warning SignsSource: u/SweetRedheart

#12. This escalated quickly

Source: u/simAlity

#13. LOL this trend was very cringy

Source: u/ChristopherLee112

#14. It’s this time of the year again

Warning SignsSource: u/abaganoush

#15. What you get for stealing watermelon!

Warning SignsSource: u/HappyJacket3113

#16. They’re Right, you shouldn’t do that.

Source: u/humfrey101

#17. The future is dangerous

Source: u/bjohn876

#18. A neighbor will post a QR code with a link to a video of you not picking up after your dog.

Source: u/alexvjones07

#19. Every sign has a story…

Source: u/PettyDangleberry

#20. Sensitive staff

Source: u/Starryeyedfox941

#21. Okay, I won’t

Source: u/eofd19

#22. Say It Again

Source: u/originalsunchip

#23. The practical theorists

Source: u/SloppyGrime

#24. The Bull

Source: u/beef_curtainss

#25. Not all hero wear capes. Some create signs of miserable joy.

Source: u/Joy-Moderator

#26. Just preparing our youth for adulthood.

Source: u/AshleyGiana

#27. At the bar I work at. I love it

Source: u/but_wilder

#28. At a local snow tubing place

Source: u/InCONTROLfreak

#29. Can I hire this sign company to translate my texts so my kids will respond?

Source: u/SourPatchKid51

#30. Sometimes I love Texas

Source: u/JustRyan23

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