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Overloading Cute Animals And How To Weigh Them (Level Max Clever)

How do we weigh ourselves? We stand on a health scale, and boom, it’s done. Let’s raise the bar higher! How do we measure the weight of toddlers? In pediatric clinics, they have specific gutter-shaped scales for babies. Next, how do we weigh pets and other animals in the zoo? Well, if they obey zookeepers’ orders to lie still on the big flat scale, it will not be so hard.

On the other hand, measuring wild animals’ weight is difficult because they never stop moving for a few seconds. It is important to monitor their weight, but it seems to be an impossible job. Therefore, clever zookeepers and wild-animal rescuers come up with smart ideas. Not only are those tricks used to weigh mammals, but they are also applied to birds, reptiles, and others.

If you are curious and like to witness cleverness and cuteness all at once, don’t miss our compilation!

#1. Gotta be with a big toy

Source: @CWSlive

#2. Here’s how you weigh a red panda cub

Source: @aucklandzoo

#3. Here’s how you weigh a baby two-toed sloth.

Source: @PotawatomiZoo

#4. Here’s how you weigh a hummingbird.

Source: nationalzoo

#5. Here’s how you weigh a baby porcupine (a porcupette!).

Source: dailymail

#6. There are special spoons to weigh tiny frogs

Source: east news

#7. Regular weighing of the koalas, especially the joeys, is important to make sure they are staying healthy, putting on weight, and keeping it on.

Source: Kangaroo Island Koala and Wildlife Rescue Centre

#8. A penguin reacts with a zoo keeper as it stands on weighing scales for the Zoo’s annual weigh in

Source: Frank Augstein/AP

#9. An Okapi stands on a set of scales during the annual weigh-in at ZSL London Zoo

Source: Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire via ZUMA Press

#10. A zookeeper weighs meerkats

Source: Wiktor Szymanowicz/REX via Shutterstock

#11. A West African giant land snail can be seen

Source: Henry Nicholls/Reuters

#12. It’s not easy being green: An African bullfrog is placed on a weighing scale.

Source: Leon Neal / Today

#13. A Jungle Nymph stays still long enough for zookeepers to get his weight.

Source: Leon Neal / Today

#14. A royal python starts to slither off of the scale while being weighed.

Source: Bethany Clarke / Today

#15. Here’s how you weigh an aardvark. (Her name is Nacho. You have better prepare some snacks)

Source: BBC

#16. Tammy, a tree anteater, is fed by a zookeeper from a jar to keep him from wandering off.

Source: Leon Neal / Today

#17. Noemie, a Bactrian camel, is fed while being weighed.

Source: Leon Neal / Today

#18. A waxy monkey tree frog is weighed in a special frog measuring device.

Source: Suzanne Plunkett / Today

#19. Owlberta, a Tawny owl, stays on its perch.

Source: Leon Neal / Today

#20. An African land snail eats lettuce while being weighed.

Source: Leon Neal / Today

#21. Beluki the Greater one-horned rhinoceros pictured with his keeper Alex Simpson weighed in at 1755kg.

Source: Zoological Society of London

#22. The 14-year-old bull elephant clocked in at a healthy 4,150kg.

Source: Zoological Society of London

#23. Ring-tailed lemurs named Daphne and Delilah, pictured with their keeper Jane Storr, weighed 2.8kg and 2.6kg.

Source: Zoological Society of London

#24. How to weigh a prairie dog: Step 1: lure him with a walnut. The end.

Source: @ZookeeperCasi

#25. How to weigh a tortoise. An upturned plant pot also works well! #tortoisecare

Source: @TortProtection

#26. How to weigh a baby giraffe

Source: @katyedelsten

#27. … And use the same trick with a hyperactive dog

Source: @heyyxtina

#28. Burrito trick

Source: The Raptor Center

#29. The cub, which is the firstborn of giant pandas Kai Kai and Jia Jia, weighed a healthy 2.638kg on Oct 1, 2021


#30. A specialist leads a dolphin to a weight scale at the Marine Mammals Breeding and Research Center of the Ocean Park in Hong Kong, south China, March 19, 2013.

Source: Xinhua/Li Peng

#31. How to weigh Bengal tiger cub

Source: Anadolu

#32. This is how they weigh baby snow leopards

Source: u/theciszmaster

#33. How to weigh baby zebra

Source: virginiazoo

#34. How to weigh seal

Source: ramko169

#35. Weighing birds in a nutshell

Source: southafricabevsbirdboutique

#36. This scale is made especially for birds

Source: birdtricksstore

#37. How to weigh a polar bear: lure him with sardines

Source: fdailyrecord

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