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30 Things That Only Happen In Australia

Have you ever traveled to Australia? What was the biggest shock when you visited Australia for the first time? If you have been to this beautiful country, we are sure that a lot of weird things come to your mind after reading that question. Besides stunning landscapes and majestic nature with thousands of species of wildlife, Australia is also a land full of wonders. And this is our today topic, life in Australia.

Of course, every nation is unique in its own way, but Australia is totally different. We have collected 30 funny pictures that perfectly sum up life in Australia. And these photos will make you burst out laughing. Scroll down to check them out. And don’t forget to upvote your favs. If you haven’t traveled to Australia yet, you should put that name on your bucket list. This nation will surprise us in many ways. Ways you never thought possible!

#1. Let’s not forget the public art from Canberra, Australia. The “Big Powerful Owl”

Source: cantanga

#2. Stay classy Australia

Source: SwapNudesForCarry

#3. In Australia, this is why we check our shoes

Source: TimmyJ292

#4. Meanwhile in Australia

Source: cheesetoast95

#5. Chilli sauce names in Australia

Source: harrymurkin

#6. How Halloween is celebrated in Australia

Source: CptArius

#7. The Grinch spotted in Australia

Source: verynayce

#8. The news, here in Australia

Source: williss_

#9. It’s a bit hot in Australia today

Source: baconandeggs17

#10. Saw this at a bottle shop in Australia

Source: WankieTankie

#11. Best protest sign goes to this bloke

Source: CaughtInTheCameraEye

#12. Painting in Australia

Source: BWJSAP

#13. Christmas in Australia

Source: ZakOrpheus

#14. 1.5 metres

Source: SydneyTom

#15. I’ve never felt so robbed. Woolworths nutella “filled” donut

Source: ghos5880

#16. The kids are alright

Source: reddit

#17. That’s how it works

Source: Hoger

#18. For those yet to see this gem circulating Australian social media

Source: Pattherower

#19. In Australia, politicians are very serious about everything…

Source: GraJame

#20. Meanwhile in Australia

Life In AustraliaSource: Max_123

#21. Apparently, it’s been a bit wet up north in Australia…

Life In AustraliaSource: reddit

#22. Summer in Australia

Life In AustraliaSource: Fredx

#23. Meanwhile, in Australia

Life In AustraliaSource: reddit

#24. Today I learned echidnas can swim

Life In AustraliaSource: outdatedopinion

#25. Santa blocking speed cameras in Australia

Life In AustraliaSource: FillinThaBlank

#26. Meanwhile in Australia

Life In AustraliaSource: Blood_havok

#27. I saw him drop his frozen coke cups on the ground. I’d hate for him to leave them behind

Life In AustraliaSource: AM_78

#28. Don’t need to see the store front name to know what store it is

Life In AustraliaSource: Lola101_

#29. Had the window open and he just flew in. Bena, Victoria

Life In AustraliaSource: Gandalf-the-fool

#30. Local servo snake

Life In AustraliaSource: T_Raite

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