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22 Awkward Responses People Got That Left Them Tongue-Tied

Have you ever said something normal but received awkward responses that left you standing like a stuffed dummy? If yes, you will feel deep sympathy for the people below. They were awkwardly yet hilariously put in a situation where they didn’t know how to answer the people they were talking to. Imagine you were having a fancy dinner at a luxurious restaurant, and then the waitress just said “wow” after you finished ordering. What would you say next? How about this, you were doing some TikTok trends with your friends and someone commented to say how cute the first three boys were and you actually were the fourth? That must be weird and embarrassing as hell, right?
Don’t worry, you’re not alone. We’ve compiled a list of 22 awkward replies people got that make them clueless about what to say next. Check them out!

#1. That was very helpful, thanks a lot

Source: itsktle

#2. “Wow”

Source: KaufmanAudrey

#3. Betty (bet he) regrets telling her that

Source: Cantori

#4. Oh, okay

Source: scourge1313

#5. Keep her away from the food emoji section as well

Source: dannopotamus

#6. Ahh, got it

Source: RyanWhittaerFE16

#7. Wrong person, mum

Source: Roaming_Dinosaur

#8. This person who thought they’d been ghosted

Source: Roaming_Dinosaur

#9. Asked for more than they could receive

Awkward ResponsesSource: r_ihavereddit

#10. This coworker was fed up

Source: alissamaynot

#11. Really hope this is not real

Awkward ResponsesSource: taos__v

#12. Well that hurts

Awkward ResponsesSource: tsNevergiveup

#13. Oooof. Sorry bro

Awkward ResponsesSource: baconlover09

#14. “My ex texted me at work asking for *pics* thinking I was someone else, and now I pray for whoever Alice is.”

Awkward ResponsesSource: tengamtoidi

#15. Instagram questions aren’t anonymous

Awkward ResponsesSource: AndrewLonergan

#16. Damn, that one gonna stay with him

Awkward ResponsesSource: Vermille

#17. Oops

Awkward ResponsesSource: roosking

#18. Imagine the boyfriend responding to the entire joke, laughing, then writing the response

Source: ClevelandEmpire

#19. Then his loss

Awkward ResponsesSource: EmilyKaitlinnn

#20. “So I texted all of my contacts: “Happy New Year!” and then:”

Awkward ResponsesSource: pseudo_potatoes

#21. Witnessed a tragic death

Awkward ResponsesSource: stellas15

#22. This is sad

Awkward ResponsesSource: prasanth-g

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