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28 Graphic Design Fails That Will Take You One Day To Heal From Seeing Them

Sometimes when we go out in public places, we may spot signboards and posters that will leave us with lots of questions in mind. They either have a stupid look or the craziest idea that no one can ever digest. Those graphic design fails look like a 5-year-old made them or someone was drunk while working on them. Of course, you’re not necessarily a professional and experienced graphic designer to shame whoever came up with such terrible ideas for their work because, to be honest, it’s fun to do so. That’s why a special corner on Reddit known as r/CrappyDesign was born with the sole purpose is to roast awful designs that should go straight to hell.

Here we’ve compiled a list of 28 graphic design fails shared by members of this online community. Check them out!

#1. Wbeleusuve to our home

Source: Singer-Such

#2. “Mmm yes, I sure do love living in Tevas”

Source: TheAverageYBAJoe

#3. They just DON’T go together

Source: terbiun

#4. A very easy-to-read graph about texting while driving

Source: Buddhacream

#5. Fly to Europe and have a stroke

Source: DucksToo22

#6. A life-changing experience

Source: froopy_doo

#7. Not the most welcoming door mat

Source: Kamikapilz

#8. CReatIVE cater

Source: Lovely_Buns420

#9. 1 person is OK, 2 people is OK but in Red

Source: Luis008_

#10. Think inside the box first

Source: SpeedDreaming

#11. If only there was a letter in flame that could resemble a flame

Source: dickb0tt

#12. “It’s better than shut up, have a Monday I guess”

Graphic Design FailsSource: _Goodrandom

#13. “Which floor am I on?”

Graphic Design FailsSource: SherbetIndividual128

#14. Orange is the new milk

Graphic Design FailsSource: Random_Average_Human

#15. That seems like an “accidentally on purpose” kind of thing, designed to appeal to all those new parents only getting 3 hours of sleep every night

Graphic Design FailsSource: Hopeful_Relative_494

#16. This anatomically correct mural

Graphic Design FailsSource: Go_Crazyyy

#17. This shopping bag looks like greasy fast food takeout

Graphic Design FailsSource: afternoonview

#18. Should PROBABLY put a little more emphasis on the apostrophe

Source: TankRizzo

#19. Hood on vs. hood off

Graphic Design FailsSource: m_delacour

#20. “I appreciate how they felt the need to add the intended interpretation in the lower left”

Source: chica420

#21. Kix cereal box has a masked out spoon to give the illusion there’s cereal on top

Graphic Design FailsSource: beerguy_etcetera

#22. “I saw this on a box. I don’t know how to lift it like the picture said”

Graphic Design FailsSource: HelloImWeirdo

#23. If you’re going to use the dumbbell as an “I” then you don’t need another “I”

Graphic Design FailsSource: HelloImWeirdo

#24. “This doormat belonging to a couple living in my building”

Graphic Design FailsSource: maxington26

#25. What?

Graphic Design FailsSource: TakeOnlyFootprints

#26. “I thought the peep was farting. My wife corrected me – it’s cotton candy”

Graphic Design FailsSource: mmcalli

#27. Don’t think that could be any worse

Graphic Design FailsSource: yoziphek

#28. Worst doctor ever

Graphic Design FailsSource: CosmoInColour

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