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People Are Sharing The Most Disturbing Things They Saw, Here’s 20 Of Them

This one might not be for the weak of heart, so use caution. Imagine, though, if the word “disturbing” in the title did not turn you off. If so, you may have psychologically prepared yourself for what you are about to see. However, I won’t lie and say I’m not so sure about it.

Yes, we are referring to such things that can cause purely paranoid behavior or nightmares. Or prompt you to decide that you’ve had enough online for the day. Additionally, “things that make you say “What the F*ck,” as stated in the r/WTF subreddit’s description.

#1 Sleep Outside, They Said… It’ll Be Fun, They Said. I’m Never Sleeping Again

Source: whoanellie418

#2 Coax Cable Removed From A Man’s Bladder. “It Had Become Encrusted With Phosphate And Had Coiled To The Anatomical Curves Of The Bladder.” Only One Way It Got Up There

Source: jimrob4

#3 Just Moved Into A New Apartment And Happened Upon What I Thought Was A Piece Of Painted Over Tape Stuck To A Bookshelf. Peeled It Up To Find It Was Concealing A Mystery

Source: OiMooi

#4 Started Work This Morning, Put My Headset On, Felt Something Furry In My Ear, Looked And There Is A Bat In My Headset

Source: soulhacler

#5 Found A Scorpion Under A Gas Hob In Our Kitchen (Photo With It Under UV Light)


#6 Absolutely Chillin

Source: VerySlump

#7 I Have Been Losing My Mind Over How My Work Shoes Are Always Spotless In The Morning After Being Out On My Porch Overnight, I Wore Different Shoes To Work Last Night And I Found Out Why When I Came Home

Source: megawaveoven

#8 Someone Shot My Car On The Highway


#9 It Is Made Out Of Cat Hair

Source: MrGaash

#10 A Guy Comes Back From Work To Find This In His Living Room

Source:  jacklaros

#11 Not Just What The F**k But Why The F**k?!


#12 Someone In Oregon Caught This Ling Cod, Complete With A ‘Belly Full’ Of Octopus…


#13 Saharan Sand From Africa Covering Snow In Europe

Source: Blackbird1251

#14 The Aftermath Of Recent Flooding In Germany

Source: Ideal_Jerk

#15 Martin Laurello Could Turn His Head 180° & Was Known As The Human Owl. He Was A Sideshow Performer Who Lived From 1886 To 1955

Source: Browndog888

#16 A Bear Chasing A Skier

Source:  kredyt24

#17 Just Learned That Standing This Close To A 380 Feet Waterfall Is A Thing (Devil’s Pool – Victoria Falls)


#18 Coconut Crabs Are Attracted To The Smell Of Food

Source: jcdehoff

#19 How About No?

Source:  orchid_breeder

#20 Seagull Riding On Another Seagull. Wait What?

Source: louyplays

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