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31 Photos From Buffalo, New York That Show How Extremely Heavy The Snow Is

Winter is coming to New York. As of last week Friday morning, a dangerous snowstorm has rendered areas of western and northern New York inoperable. In some spots, more than a foot of snow has already fallen. And a driving ban has kept people off the roads in the Buffalo region. Snow has covered several roadways, even approaching 6 feet of snow. And some residents just prefer to stay inside their houses, curling up in their cozy beds with the warmth from the heater. Some others are just trying to dig out themselves and making fun of the heavy snow.

In Buffalo, New York, people are updating the current situation by sharing pictures that demonstrate how extremely heavy the snow is. We have compiled a list of 31 of the best pics. If you are curious, scroll down to check them out for yourself. You might feel lucky because of how wonderful the weather in your area is.

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#1. That’s crazy

Source: Anthony_Macari

#2. Holy crap

Source: EmDalmas

#3. It’s a totally different world

Source: sarajohnsauce

#4. Dear god

Source: salerno101

#5. You are so lucky, how fun!!

Source: sarajohnsauce

#6. Let the weather melt it all

Source: zachua

#7. How do people even survive that?!?

Source: weather_buffalo

#8. That’s a lot of shoveling…

Source: ChrisGloninger

#9. How extremely wild the snow is

Source: PhotogKatherine

#10. Oh my gosh

Source: adamp26

#11. Staying in bed is the best

Source: weather_buffalo

#12. The lowest total of snow will be taller than you, for sure

Source: christinatalamo

#13. Wow

Source: WhiskeyBuffalo

#14. Who opens their refrigerator*

Source: emjay716

#15. Stay safe!

Source: GeneseeBrewery

#16. Oh poor Buffalo baby!

Source: eustace225

#17. She’s a keeper!!

Source: J_poyer21

#18. It’s Buffalo…

Source: AhmarSKhan

#19. We need an update…how many Kirbys did you end up with?

Source: paul_bembia

#20. 2:26 was the last anyone saw of this area

Source: n1temare74

#21. Why would you need to find your car? If it’s me, I’m not moving from my spot

How Heavy The Snow IsSource: celebratingcher

#22. Hardly anything wrong with it… smh

How Heavy The Snow IsSource: BuffaloBills

#23. How heavy the snow is

How Heavy The Snow IsSource: kenp2069

#24. “Come to Buffalo”, they said. “It will be err….fun”, they said.

How Heavy The Snow IsSource: MarleeTuskesTV

#25. Lol

How Heavy The Snow IsSource: PhilThompson13

#26. The snowstorm

How Heavy The Snow IsSource: evelynwoz2024

#27. Happy “opposite” day

How Heavy The Snow IsSource: DawnTJ90

#28. Oh no

How Heavy The Snow IsSource: weather_buffalo

#29. How did it get up there?!

How Heavy The Snow IsSource: weather_buffalo

#30. Only in Buffalo

How Heavy The Snow IsSource: Michael881493304

#31. Cheers!!

How Heavy The Snow IsSource: tropicalupdate

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