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12+ Actors Who Hate Working With Each Others

There’s bound to be at least one obnoxious employee at every workplace. Maybe they like to pull “pranks” that nobody else sees the humor in, or maybe they like to help themselves to the office fridge when they’re hungry, or they prefer to impress the boss at every turn by taking credit for other people’s work. Working in Hollywood is, regrettably, frequently no different than working everywhere else.

Some famous people have gotten such a bad rep among their former co-stars over the years that their peers refuse to appear in any projects with them. Let’s look at some of the most memorable co-star beef and the circumstances that led to their inception, from disputes over script changes to outlandish slurs hurled at one another. These are all actors who refused to collaborate.

1. Dwayne Johnson and Vin Diesel

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Dwayne Johnson has made it obvious that the two actors, who seem to be extremely similar, do not work together anymore, though he has not revealed the reasons for their dispute. Explaining this discrepancy as a result of “different approaches to filming,” he spoke with The Rolling Stone.

2. Bill Murray and Lucy Liu

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It has been said that Bill Murray did not get along with Lucy Liu during their time working together on the reimagining of Charlie’s Angels in the 2000s. The crew allegedly had to break them up after they got into a fight. The fact that Bernie Mac took over for Murray in the sequel Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle only further fuels the speculation.

3. Alec Baldwin and Shia LaBeouf

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Baldwin was criticized by LaBeouf, his co-star in the Broadway production of Orphans, for failing to learn his lines. Baldwin then requested his release from production. Instead, they decided to dismiss LaBeouf.

4. George Clooney and Russell Crowe

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“It was Crowe who provoked the altercation. He began it for no reason. To paraphrase what he wrote, “George Clooney, Harrison Ford, and Robert De Niro are sellouts,” he released the following statement: “In a 2013 interview with Esquire, Clooney disclosed. Since then, the performers haven’t shared a screen.

5. Wesley Snipes and Ryan Reynolds

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Seemingly never to work with Wesley Snipes again after Blade: Trinity. Reports from the set indicate that Snipes spent most of the shoot dozing off, leaving most of the stunt work to Reynolds’ stand-in.

6. Kevin Smith And Bruce Willis

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The two had previous collaborations on Live Free or Die Hard and Cop Out. Unlike before, however, this attempt did not go off without a hitch. A dissatisfied Smith later described Willis as “the unhappiest, bitterest, and meanest emo-bitch I’ve ever met at any job I’ve held.” After Willis announced he was “stepping away” from acting due to his aphasia, Smith made some insensitive remarks and apologized.