The Hayya Card: The One And Only Way To Participate In World Cup 2022 In Qatar

Many fans around the world are gathering to anticipate The FIFA World Cup 2022, which begins on November 20. And to create the best experience for the audience, Qatar has made a special permit called the “Hayya Card”. All ticket holders must apply for a Hayya card, which is necessary to enter both the nation and the World Cup stadiums. So what is this card exactly? And what kinds of benefits will you get from it? Let’s find out right below.

Source: Sorin Furcoi/Al Jazeera

What is a Hayya card?

The Hayya Card is a fan identification card made using SMART technology that will contain all the information needed to enter the World Cup competition. In order to access the country and World Cup sites, all ticket holders must apply for a Hayya card. 
In addition, ticket holders receive free access to the metro and bus services, as well as entry into Qatar and the stadium on game days, thanks to the Hayya card, which doubles as a fan ID.
Visitors can enter several times and remain for 60 days using the Card, which also serves as a visa. This is valid 10 days prior to the competition, 27 days during the event, and 23 days following its conclusion. Additionally, any guests coming from outside the Kingdom must purchase a health insurance plan. The insurance must be valid throughout your entire stay.
So as you can see, the only way to enter Qatar will be with a Hayya Card, which will also act as an entry permit for all foreign visitors, regardless of their intended purpose between November 1, 2022, and January 1, 2023.

Who needs a Hayya card?

All visitors from Qatar who plan to attend the games must submit an application for a Hayya card. Children under the age of 18 must have a parent or legal guardian listed on their account and must also have a Hayya card.

Why do you need a Hayya Card?

For the whole duration of the World Cup tournament, visitors visiting Qatar must have a Hayya Card. On game days, entrance to the stadium requires both a Hayya Card and a match ticket.
When accompanied by a valid passport, the Hayya Card will act as your pre-approved entrance visa into the nation. During the competition, the Hayya Card will also serve as a multiple-entry visa.
On match days, the card will also provide you access to free public transit, which is another perk. You may use your Hayya Card to travel to each location, whether you're taking the Metro, tram, or bus to and from stadiums, hotels, or the numerous attractions in between.

If you have a Hayya card, do you need a visa?

Foreigners traveling to Qatar for the FIFA World Cup will not require a visa to enter the country as long as they have a valid Hayya card. Hayya card holders are permitted to remain in Qatar till January 23, 2023.

Source: @roadto2022en

How do you apply for a Hayya card?

You can apply for Hayya cards online via the Hayya to Qatar 22 mobile app or the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 portal. Enter your personal information and ticket information before submitting your application. For local fans (residents), the approval process for the Hayya Card can take up to 3 days, while it can take up to 5 days for fans from abroad. You can find detailed instructions on the portal.

What documents are required for a Hayya card?

Fans must sign up for a Hayya account and log in in order to apply for a Hayya card. Fans will be required to provide their personal information, passport information, and home address during the registration process, along with a match ticket application number.
International visitors must also share information about their planned lodging and a contact person in case of emergency. Additionally required to complete the application is the submission of a digital passport-style photo.

Source: Sorin Furcoi/Al Jazeera

How long does the Hayya card approval take?

While citizens of the country may get their Hayya card in three days, foreign visitors must wait roughly five days for their application to be granted. Once you have established your account and provided the necessary documentation, you may also check the status of your application.

Can a Hayya card allow you to visit other GCC countries?

Fans traveling to Qatar for the World Cup can benefit from their Hayya card as a multiple-entry visa for the following GCC nations:
  • Saudi Arabia: Holders of Hayya cards are permitted admission into the countries 10 days before the World Cup kicks off by using their cards as multiple-entry visas for up to 60 days.
  • The United Arab Emirates: Additionally, the Hayya card can be used as a multiple-entry visa for a period of 90 days in this country, according to the announcement from the United Arab Emirates.
  • Oman: In a similar vein, Oman also grants visitors who have a Hayya card entry for 60 days.
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