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What Is The Divine Consciousness In Manifest? Updating

What is the divine consciousness in Manifest? Here we go! The first ten episodes of Manifest’s fourth and final season, the canceled NBC series granted new life by Netflix, have been made available. The characters’ prophetic callings are explained, among other things, by a “divine consciousness,” and answers to long-standing issues have been flowing in. The popular TV show certainly didn’t take its audience on a leisurely journey, but it did provide hints at the show’s ultimate destination.

Season four begins with a two-year time leap from the season three cliffhanger. Angelina Meyer (Holly Taylor), a fellow passenger on Flight 828, murders Grace Stone (Athena Karkanis), leaving the Stone family understandably shaken and tortured with grief. Ben (Josh Dallas), whose daughter Angelina abducted Eden, has withdrawn from society as he looks for her. While ex-cop Michaela (Melissa Roxburgh) tries in vain to repair the lifeboat before the passengers’ scheduled expiration. Why Is Eagan In Jail?

#1. What Is The Divine Consciousness In Manifest?

What Is The Divine Consciousness In Manifest
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For some viewers, the season 4 premiere’s cliffhanger and the gifts it revealed—the dragon scars, for example, or the fact that the world, and not just the 828, will all perish on the same day—is taking some time to process. Others have contemplated the possible revelations in the remaining ten episodes of Manifest’s fourth season. Therefore, we will discuss the best ideas that address the larger question of whether or not we are connected to a higher power. Is Eden Still Alive?

Angelina is the Fallen Angel & Cal is the Saviour

Divine Consciousness meaning

The death of Cal Stone (Ty Doran) was reversed by the selfless act of Zeke Landon (Matthew Long). Because of their toxic bond and Cal’s ability to destroy the Omega Sapphire, we know he is crucial to defeating Angelina. His path may have a religious significance, as evidenced by his resurrection and travels across all four seasons of Manifest. Since Cal is similar to a Christ figure in that he is all-knowing (even if he doesn’t recall everything), and since he was resurrected and returned older, Angelina must be a fallen angel or Satan. Her plane seat, 42D, had religious connotations as well.

The sum of four plus two is six, and in the Bible, the number six typically represents imperfection, especially the imperfection of man and his sins and shortcomings. Another religious interpretation of Cal is the Archangel Gabriel. When a mature Cal returns in Season 4, he introduces himself as Gabriel. Though we aren’t told why he was given that name, Gabriel is a Christian angel who is said to have defended Israel. Also, here is the Manifest Recap Before Season 4!

Angelina may have been naming the wrong Stone child her guardian angel all along if he is reflecting Gabriel rather than Jesus. It should have been Cal in the Garden of Eden. Unfortunately, Cal has already decided to save the world from Angelina, so it’s too late. Gabriel, like Cal, is a prophetic messenger. Given that Zeke can heal people’s agony and that he had previously returned from the dead, this could be a plausible idea that Manifest could incorporate.

It’s a Dragon Cal Must Channel

What Is The Divine Consciousness In Manifest

The dragon scar Cal gets in season 4 has also been the subject of speculation, as it appears to represent an important clue in the search for Flight 828’s mystery. The dragon scar on Henry Kim’s arm served as a reminder of the wisdom he had passed on to Cal in Season 4. Henry shared that his father had told him the dragon represented fortitude, vitality, and power to help him triumph over the challenges he had to face.

Since Cal could absorb the dragon scar and the omega sapphire without being struck by lightning, the dragon may be a metaphor for how Cal is intended to channel it to pass the trial all the passengers must take part in to save the world. Indeed, it would appear that Flight 828 symbolizes salvation and a second opportunity for mankind.

Sacrifice of Travelers – What Is The Divine Consciousness In Manifest?

What Is The Divine Consciousness In Manifest

Since the story centers on the passengers, it stands to reason that whatever must be done to rescue the world will require a significant sacrifice from one of them, if not all of them. The Stone family has spent the last two seasons trying to outrun the death date, but what if that wasn’t the point? Their deaths, however, were necessary to save the planet from itself.

Even if this notion turns out to be correct, it doesn’t guarantee the passengers will perish since they have a chance to make a comeback like Zeke did after he jumped into the frozen lake to save Cal. As a thank you for their sacrifice, their deaths may trigger a global reset or return the 828 to their lives before the plane accident.

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