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8 Celebrities Who Secretly Had A Crush On Other Stars

According to several studies, the duration of a crush is typically around four months. After that time has passed, one can confidently say they are in love with another person. Even famous people have friends and romantic interests, just like the rest of us. They may even wind up developing feelings for one another at some point. Some of these crushes develop into relationships, while others do not, and many are not even acknowledged by the people involved.

1. Courteney Cox & Jim Carrey

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Courteney Cox once said she had a “crush for sure” on Jim Carrey. Carrey’s natural wit won over Cox; she even claimed he was the funniest man alive. Fortunately, their attraction persisted, and although they never dated, they remained close friends.

2. Helen Mirren & Vin Diesel

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On Late Night with Seth Meyers in 2016, Helen Mirren admitted she is a huge Vin Diesel fan. Before she was in the Fast and the Furious franchise, Helen was a fan of the actress. The first time Mirren saw Diesel speak, she thought he was “so smart, and so witty, and so great, and I just sort of fell a little bit in love with him right there and then.”

3. Emma Watson & Tom Felton

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While filming Harry Potter, Emma Watson admitted she had a crush on Tom Felton. He wooed her for two years with his bad-boy charm and skating prowess. She continued, breaking Watson, age 12, by saying that he was aware of her affections but treated her solely as a sister.

4. Chris Evans &Jennifer Lopez

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Chris Evans admitted that he had always had a thing for Jennifer Lopez. He also explained that he first met her when he presented an Oscar with J.LO and was so nervous that he had to force himself to hold it together. Despite his anxiety, he maintained his composure and became an internet sensation.

5. Kim Kardashian & Johnny Depp

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Kim K. revealed that Johnnie Depp was her first celebrity obsession. Johnny Depp’s portrayals of bad guys and party boys appealed to her despite the fact that she was not interested in either type in real life. Once upon a time, a young Kardashian was hopelessly smitten by a boy she thought was attractive, gorgeous, and physically appealing. Like many women of her generation, Kourtney Kardashian had a major crush on actor Johny Depp in the ’90s.

6. Reese Witherspoon & Matthew McConaughey

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On Ellen, Matthew McConaughey admitted he had a minor crush on Reese Witherspoon. As a young man, he was captivated by young Witherspoon in The Man in the Moon.

7. Cardi B & Robert Pattinson

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Cardi B was so thrilled to see Robert Pattinson at a recent event in Beverly Hills that she about fainted. She said the experience had her feeling “like a teenager again” in a tweet. Cardi B has had a love for Robert Pattinson ever since the Twilight era.

8. Harry Styles & Jennifer Aniston.

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In 2020 while appearing on The Ellen Degeneres Show, Harry Styles stated that his first celebrity crush was on Friends star Jennifer Aniston. We still haven’t found out if this crush is still alive, and the nature of the rapid-fire inquiries hasn’t helped, but they make a cute couple.