Do They Find Eden In Manifest? What Happened To Eden?

Do they find Eden in Manifest? Here we go! The Manifest midseason episode has evolved into a custom during the program's run. It has become customary for the production to find a method to blow something up or kill off a character right around the time of the show's midway. This motif is carried over into the most recent season, as evidenced by Episode 5 of that season, titled "Squawk," which has an explosion, a gory death, and a significant breakthrough in a major running subplot.
Because of these factors, there has been a lot of viewer interest in this episode, particularly in how it pertains to the characters of Ben and Eden, so here is everything that we know about the overall situation. When Is Part 2 Of Manifest Coming Out?

#1. What Happened To Eden Manifest?

Do They Find Eden In Manifest Source: Netflix
Angelina abducted Eden towards the end of the third season, and the two remained hidden between the seasons. Following the murder of Grace and the child's kidnapping, Angelina pretended to die, received assistance from the other passengers on the 828, and finally made her way to Anna Ross's house, as revealed in the fourth season's first episode of Manifest. After that, she made her way to the communal living situation finally. Our piece on the topic can be found here:

 Eden & Angelina's Lives

Is Eden Alive Manifest
After the first episode of Season 4 of Manifest, it is disclosed that Angelina and Eden were concealing themselves at the residence of Anna Ross. Angelina spends some time as a prisoner in the home of an 828 hater after Anna tells her to go, but Adrian eventually comes to her rescue and lets her hide in the commune after Anna tells her to leave. Throughout the season, more information concerning what took to Angelina and Eden before Anna Ross took them in is revealed. Why Is Eagan In Jail?

#2 Do They Find Eden In Manifest?

Do They Find Eden In Manifest
The fourth season of Manifest does contain Eden. According to our rundown of the episode, Angelina has decided to detonate the compound: Angelina incorrectly interprets the ash calling that has been a recurring metaphor throughout this season and concludes that she needs to blow up the house as a means of meting out judgment on the people within. Angelina thinks the people who escape the explosion prove they are "worthy."
Eden is eventually saved from this location and position, which are both described below:
Cal makes the courageous decision to enter the house when the Manic Pixie Murder Girl holds everyone captive. Angelina doesn't recognize him at first, but once she does, she gives in and agrees to have a private conversation with him. Mick gets the passengers out of the vehicle, and Ben, now free, attempts to find Eden while Cal keeps her distracted. Angelina stops Ben just as he is about to leave the house and presses the detonator, but nothing happens due to her actions.
This offers Cal the opportunity to go in for the kill. The bombs detonate just as Ben leaves the house, and a few seconds later, Cal emerges from the house unhurt. Angelina does manage to survive, and Adrian is the one who ends up taking her away.

In Which Episode Of Manifest Does Ben Find Eden?

Do They Find Eden In Manifest
As was just said, Ben discovers Eden in the fifth episode of the fourth season of Manifest, titled "Squawk." Since the midseason episode is always significant in this program, it seems appropriate for such a significant turn of events to take place at this time, given what was stated earlier. Because they knew that a significant event was on the horizon, viewers probably started looking for explanations about what happened in the episode well before they watched it. Also, here is the comprehensive recap of season 3.
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