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Have A Dose Of Vitamin Happiness With 40 Hilarious Finalist Pics Of 2022 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

Do you enjoy photographing? Even if you’re not a fan of this fascinating activity, you probably love to see stunning photos taken by talented people. You may find beautiful pics unquestionably steal your breath, but hilarious ones also deserve your time. 

That’s why besides many awards for impressive and brilliant photos, there are awards given to shots that break you into laughter. One of the best sources for these funny snaps is the adorable animals. Even though you do not have a deep affinity for wildlife, you have to admit that animals are definitely able to amaze us with their loveliness.

The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards finalists have been announced lately, giving animal lovers a chance to open their eyes to incredible nature. The competition was founded by photographers Paul Joynson-Hicks MBE and Tom Sullam in 2015 to appreciate another side of wildlife photography and promote conservation.

We’re here to give you a good laugh with the 40 funniest photos below. Don’t forget to share them with your friends and family to boost their energy for a new day!

#1 “Excuse Me… Pardon Me!” By Ryan Sims

Comedy Wildlife Photography AwardsSource: © Ryan Sims/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2022

#2 “Fight Back” By John Chaney

Comedy Wildlife Photography AwardsSource: © John Chaney/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2022

#3 “Mum Life” By Sophie Hart

Comedy Wildlife Photography AwardsSource: © Sophie Hart/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2022

#4 “Talk To The Fin!” By Jennifer Hadley

Comedy Wildlife Photography AwardsSource: © Jennifer Hadley/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2022

#5″The Wink” By Kevin Lohman

Source: © Kevin Lohman/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2022

#6 “Hello Everyone” By Miroslav Srb

Comedy Wildlife Photography AwardsSource: © Miroslav Srb/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 202

#7 “Romantic” By Valtteri Mulkahainen

Comedy Wildlife Photography AwardsSource: © Valtteri Mulkahainen/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2022

#8 “Pegasus, The Flying Horse” By Jagdeep Rajput

Source: © Jagdeep Rajput/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2022

#9 “Tight Fit!” By Mark Schocken

Comedy Wildlife Photography AwardsSource: © Mark Schocken/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2022

#10 “Jumping Jack” By Alex Pansier

Source: © Alex Pansier/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2022

#11 “What Do You Mean Smile?! I Am Smiling!” By Alison Buttigieg

Comedy Wildlife Photography AwardsSource: © Alison Buttigieg/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2022

#12 “Uncomfortable Pillow” By Andrew Peacock

Comedy Wildlife Photography AwardsSource: © Andrew Peacock/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2022

#13 “Say Cheeeese” By Arturo Telle Thiemann

Source: © Arturo Telle Thiemann/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2022

#14 “Curtain Call II” By Dave Shaffer

Comedy Wildlife Photography AwardsSource: © Dave Shaffer/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2022

#15″Three Headed (“Kerberos”)” By Paolo Mignosa

Comedy Wildlife Photography AwardsSource: © Paolo Mignosa/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2022

#16 “Rushing Little Owl Fledgeling” By Shuli Greenstein

Comedy Wildlife Photography AwardsSource: © Shuli Greenstein/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2022

#17 “Maniacs” By Saverio Gatto

Source: © Saverio Gatto/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2022

#18 “Not So Cat-Like Reflexes” By Jennifer Hadley

Source: © Jennifer Hadley/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2022

#19″I Jump Instead Of Flying” By Tímea Ambrus

Source: © Tímea Ambrus/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2022

#20 “I’m Gonna Strangle You!” By Emmanuel Do Linh San

Source: © Emmanuel Do Linh San/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2022

#21 “Misleading African Viewpoints 2” By Jean Jacques Alcalay

Source: © Jean Jacques Alcalay/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2022

#22 “Shark Moose” By Jorn Vangoidtsenhoven

Comedy Wildlife Photography AwardsSource: © Jorn Vangoidtsenhoven/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2022

#23 “It’s All Kicking Off!” By Michael Eastwell

Comedy Wildlife Photography AwardsSource: © Michael Eastwell/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2022

#24 “Barf” By Paul Eijkemans

Source: © Paul Eijkemans/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2022

#25 “What Shall I Write Next” By Torie Hilley

Source: © Torie Hilley/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2022

#26 “Monkey Wellness Centre” By Federica Vinci

Source: © Federica Vinci/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2022

#27 “Stop And Stare” By Andy Evans

Source: © Andy Evans/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2022

#28 “Lisper Squirrel” By Lee Zhengxing

Comedy Wildlife Photography AwardsSource: © Lee Zhengxing/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2022

#29 “Keep Calm And Keep Your Head” By Martin Grace

Source: © Martin Grace/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2022

#30 “Funny Walk” By Bojan Bencic

Comedy Wildlife Photography AwardsSource: © Bojan Bencic/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2022

Which one is the best, in your opinion? Please leave your thoughts below and subscribe to our website to get updated with more interesting news!

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