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Cute Images Of Elsa And Anna In “Cat Style” Will Definitely Melt Your Hearts

It has been three years since the release of “Frozen 2” but the popularity of the franchise has remained strong with fans still re-watching them on Disney+.

Unlike other classic Disney princess movies, “Frozen” brings us Elsa and Anna – the new generation princesses. While Elsa appears calm, reserved, regal, graceful, and poised, Anna is very eccentric, optimistic, energetic, and awkward. But they are all strong, intelligent, and independent. After the movie was released, both Elsa and Anna have become role models that made many audiences fall in love. And more and more people enjoy creating works of art or collecting images and goods associated with these royals.

And one of the notable fans is constable.frozen – an Instagram user with nearly 90k followers. They have shared a lot of beautiful images of Disney princesses, especially photos of Elsa and Anna. Among those photos, Frozen’s fans are thoroughly interested in the series of two sisters in super cute “cat style / neko” makeup. Because those are the cutest images from the “Frozen” movies and its short films. In addition, in those pictures, the princesses are added colorful cat ears and whiskers.

So scroll down to see and save them to have the most adorable profile pictures or phone wallpapers!

#1 Cute cat Elsa

Source: constable.frozen

With cat ears like that, she’s totally a breathless cute queen!

#2 Sweet Ice Queen

Source: constable.frozen

OMG! She looks like a cat angel! Especially with that outfit and background.

#3 Lovely Princess

Source: constable.frozen

I love this pic so much, queen Elsa is a super cute cat!

#4 Adorable Anna

Source: constable.frozen

Haha, I’ve got the cutest phone wallpaper in the world!

#5 Pretty princess

Source: constable.frozen

Who is the cutest cat in the world? That’s you, my darling, Anna.

#6 Lovable Anna

Source: constable.frozen

Look at this adorable Anna expression, she completely melts my heart.