We Finally Cracked 10 Beauty Secrets Of The Hottest Male Celebrities

We are obsessed with female stars’ beauty tips but often forget that Hollywood’s hottest men also have a few tricks up their sleeves as well. Yes, they might be blessed with good-looking genes, but that was just one element behind their glamorous looks. So today we unveil the beauty secrets of male celebrities and see what they share about their meticulous self-care routine!

Some of these tricks are just ordinary beauty tips while others are bizarre. Who would have thought the secret ingredient behind Tom Cruise’s youthful look despite being 60 was bird poop? Read on and find out what did the hottest men in Hollywood do to keep their beauty.

1. Chris Pine Keeps His Skin Clear From Acne With A Medical Cream

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Chris Pine has something he calls his “miracle medicine.” It’s actually just Accutane that he uses on his face to get rid of his acne problems. It might work for him, but we wouldn’t recommend this for minor breakouts.

2. Ryan Reynolds Steals His Wife’s Moisturizers

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Ryan Reynolds was voted as 2121’s sexiest man alive. The secret behind his charming look? The Canadian actor just rummages through his wife’s dresser and uses anything with “moisturizer” on it.

3. David Beckham Moisturizes Daily

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Speaking of sharing moisturizers with your spouse, David Beckham also moisturizes daily using his wife’s products. In a 2014 interview with Elle, Victoria Beckham shared that both she and her husband swear by Lancer skin care products: “You know, [David] uses all my Lancer products. So we share all of our beauty products.”

The star footballer likes to keep his skincare routine as simple as possible. “I cleanse. I moisturize. I’m in and out in seven minutes,” he said.

4. George Clooney Frequently Visits The Sauna

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George Clooney doesn’t use any fancy cosmetics to keep his handsome look. He prefers to pamper himself with spa trips for some steam time. “I hit the spa and I enjoy steam rooms, but I really don’t use any specific product. Just a good Ivory soap will do,” he explained.

5. V From BTS Uses Toner-soaked Cotton Pads

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We always wonder about how Korean idols’ skin can look great all the time. They are just flawless! In an interview with Allure, V from BTS shared a secret tip, saying that he “dampens cotton pads with toner and puts on lotion twice as much.” The famous singer likes to do this when he is on a plane.

6. Jackson Wang Uses Sleeping Masks Regularly

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On the other hand, Jackson Wang likes to keep his skin looking healthy with the help of sleeping masks. These masks contain potent actives that repair your skin throughout the night. Using sleeping masks can give you plump, soft, and healthy skin.

7. Pharrell Williams Only Washes With Cold Water

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If you have to take skincare advice from other people, might as well take it from the best. Pharrell Williams did just that. Naomi Campbell once pulled him aside to tell him he needed to stop using drugstore products and see a dermatologist. Pharrell listened to her and started using a cleanser, exfoliator, vitamin C drops, and a humidifying cream. He washes them all off with cold water to keep his pores closed.

8. Zac Efron Skips Shampoo For A Day

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Zac Efron is handsome, and his hair plays a large part in his charming look. However, the secret behind his iconic hairstyles isn’t some fancy hair products. The actor just keeps his hair healthy and intact by skipping shampoo for a day.

Zac Efron explained with Boston.com, “If you really want your hair to look good, just don’t wash it for a day. That’s my secret.”

9. John Stamos Go Overboard With Greek Yogurt

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John Stamos loves Greek Yogurt. He swears that it gives him his youthful glow and even DIY some Greek Yogurt-masks before. However, Stamos has switched to sheet masks with collagen-boosting effects nowadays. It’s his “secret weapon!”

10. Tom Cruise’s Skincare Routine

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Speaking of using questionable ingredients for your skincare routine, Tom Cruise uses nightingale droppings on his face to keep his youthful look. This method is called Uguisu no fun and it comes from Japan. Using bird poop might sound really weird, but Tom Cruise looks awesome despite being 60 years old, so maybe give it a try?

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