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9 Super Bizarre Gifts Stars Received From Fans

Some celebrities and well-known people have fans who are so loyal and dedicated that many of them act more like stalkers than fans of their work. One of the most common ways this kind of behavior shows up is when people send fan mail through mail. Usually, this just means a fan sending a letter or small gift to someone they admire.

In some cases, though, fan mail can have a darker meaning and feel, like when people send their heroes things that are really weird and gross.

1. Jared Leto

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The actor playing The Joker in the upcoming film Suicide Squad, Jared Leto, had an ear mailed to him in the mail. Someone’s ear had been sent something with a note that read, “Are you listening?” but neither the recipient nor the sender was specified. Leto claims that he made a necklace out of it.

2. Norman Reedus

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TV’s “The Walking Dead” star An adoring fan of Norman Reedus sent him a silicone breast implant. According to a note enclosed with the gift, the admirer sent it in an effort to lift the actor’s spirits after seeing that he had been looking down as of late.

3. Emma Watson

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As recounted by Emma Watson, she frequently receives Bibles from adoring fans all over the world. She attributes it to Christians who find the films’ depiction of witchcraft and dark magic to be offensive.

4. Avril Lavigne

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Avril Lavigne received a parcel from a fan while in Japan on her world tour to promote the release of a new album. When she opened it, she found a dead rabbit inside with no indication as to why it had been brought to her.

5. Kesha

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After learning how to turn them into jewelry, Kesha’s most devoted admirers started sending her modest amounts of teeth a few years ago.

6. Daniel Radcliffe

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Daniel Radcliffe says he has received fan letters, some of which have included pictures of his home. Many of the photos included in the package were taken just outside his front door, and the accompanying messages boast about how close these followers got to him.

7. Zac Efron

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In 2010, Zac Efron had a television interview in which he discussed some of the most out-there items his fans had sent him. The letter with the human skin was the most out-there item.

8. Jonas Brothers

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The Jonas Brothers reportedly got a dead shark from a bunch of admirers. The party was surprised by the unusual present, a little animal that had been carefully kept within a transparent tube and sent without any explanation.

9. Alice Cooper

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Because of her unusual status, Alice Cooper likely receives a lot of strange gifts from her followers. The bloodied cat’s head was placed in a little coffin, making it the most peculiar of the lot.