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How 15 Actors Look Through The Eyes Of Their Wives And Friends

Have you ever been so convinced that an actor or actress is actually the character they portray in a movie? If the answer is yes, it is a true sign of a talented actor. They fulfilled their roles so well that we believe that a character is a real-life person. There are some characters we fall in love with, some become our nightmares, and others that can’t stop us from laughing at everything they do. But more often than not, their image on the screen has very little to do with the actual personalities of these actors. Who can imagine actors through the eyes of their wives and friends becoming a different person?

Whether the difference is their looks or their personality traits, we’re still so shocked when we find out they’re nothing like their characters. Here is the list of 15 actors whose actual personalities are through the eyes of their loved ones.

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#1 Jason Momoa

Source: © Game of Thrones / HBO© ProjectTv / Instagram

Jason Momoa often appears as a man with a scary look and a stern face on the screen. His characters are powerful like the warrior in “Game of Thrones” or Aquaman in the movie of the same name.

But in real life, Jason Momoa is completely opposite of what he appears to be on-screen. it’s easy to see his smiles because he is constantly in a great mood.

#2 Jamie Dornan

Actors Through The Eyes Of Their Wives And FriendsSource: © © ninomunoz / Instagram© © PacificCoastNews / East News

Jamie Dornan is an introverted person, not using social media and trying to hide their private life from others. He is very successful in the modeling business, appearing in various commercials for popular companies like Hugo Boss, Dior, and Calvin Klein. He is a family man, often spending his free time with his children and playing golf.

#3 Tom Hardy

Actors Through The Eyes Of Their Wives And FriendsSource: © Mad Max / Warner Bros© tomhardy / instagram

The actor looks like the guy who is always in danger. But everything changes when he started a family. We often see him in his usual image only on-screen. He loves dogs and bikes. And we know he is Leonardo DiCaprio’s best friend so they constantly make ridiculous bets and get into funny situations.

#4 Jude Law

Actors Through The Eyes Of Their Wives And FriendsSource: © The Young Pope / HBO© © LRNYC / MEGA / East News

Jude Law’s character in “The Young Pope” stole millions of women’s hearts. In reality, he is a very popular man. Even though he has 5 children from different women, he is still a bachelor and he spends all his time working. He regularly breaks women’s hearts, disappearing from their lives.

#5 Jake Gyllenhaal

Actors Through The Eyes Of Their Wives And FriendsSource: © Velvet Buzzsaw / Netflix© Bauergriffin.com / East News

Despite being considered the most handsome man on Earth, Jake Gyllenhaal is still a bachelor. He has never been married and doesn’t have any children. But he is the godfather of Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams’ child.

#6 Tom Hiddleston

Actors Through The Eyes Of Their Wives And FriendsSource: © Thor: Ragnarok / Marvel Studios© Mirrorpix / East News

Tom Hiddleston has been called the sexiest man in the movie industry. He looks in such an aristocratic manner on the screen. Since his relationship with Taylor Swift ended, he has focused on working and hiding his personal life. He often takes part in charitable programs. In his life, Tom is also known as an intelligent man with a great sense of humor. He is also a great dancer.

#7 James Franco

Actors Through The Eyes Of Their Wives And FriendsSource: © 127 Hours / Warner Bros© DIGITAL/EROTEME.CO.UK / East News

James Franco is not only a talented actor but has a lot of hidden talents. He can write essays and articles for different magazines. He often gives lectures about film and acting for free.

#8 Chris Hemsworth

Actors Through The Eyes Of Their Wives And FriendsSource: © Thor: Ragnarok / Marvel Studios© chrishemsworth / instagram

On the screen, Chris Hemsworth is a single superhero saving the universe but in real life, he is a family man, getting married to Elsa Pataky and having 3 kids. The actor is a fan of fitness and living a healthy lifestyle. Aside from this, he develops his own smartphone app that helps users live a healthy lifestyle and play sports effectively.

#9 Kit Harington

Actors Through The Eyes Of Their Wives And FriendsSource: © Game of Thrones / HBO© MEGA / Mega Agency/ East News

Kit Harington is best known for starring in Game of Thrones. Although he hasn’t starred in many movies, he is making great progress. He lives by original British traditions because of his aristocratic family. He also loves football and does a lot of charity work.

#10 Leonardo DiCaprio

Source: © The Wolf of Wall Street / Paramount Pictures© eastnewsLGjr-RG, PacificCoastNews / East News

Despite getting famous early, Leonardo DiCaprio can’t be used to all the attention from his fans and paparazzi. He always covers his face with glasses, a baseball cap, and a hood when walking on the street.

#11 Ryan Gosling

Actors Through The Eyes Of Their Wives And FriendsSource: © Blade Runner 2049 / Warner Bros© MEGA / Mega Agency / East News

Ryan Gosling appeared as a romantic man on screen but since he got married to Eva Mendes, his roles have become way more serious. The actor slowed down the pace of his life, hide his children, and does charity work.

#12 Bradley Cooper

Source: © A Star Is Born / Warner Bros© MEGA / Mega Agency / East News

Bradley Cooper is not only a nice actor but a talented musician, and singer. The only thing that is similar between the actor and his characters is the smile. His colleagues said that he is not as confident in real life. He found his true love, Irina Shayk though they didn’t get married officially. Now, they’re living happily with their daughter.