Cat And Her Dad Were So Happy To Be Reunited At Nursing Home

Chicken Little, a sweet cat and her dad, Tony, were living a happy life when Tony suddenly had a stroke and had to move into the ICU. For this reason, he was not able to care for Chicken Little anymore. Despite loving his cat, he had to find a new home for her where can give her everything she needs.

One of his neighbors helped him, and he began the heartbreaking search for a new family for Chicken Little. The neighbor shared Chicken Little’s post on a local pets Facebook page in the hope that someone would come to give her a forever home. Thankfully, an animal lover named Amanda Hassan saw the post, and she decided to bring Chicken Little home.

Before adopting the little cat, Hassan had been on the waiting list to be a foster mom with some local rescues and was still waiting to be approved. However, when Hassan saw Chicken Little, she quickly made arrangements to meet the cat because she was completely in love with the sweet cat.

“He called her his Little Angel, but we’ve taken to calling her Chicken Little because she talks so much,” Hassan told The Dodo.

When Chicken Little went to her new home, Tony also moved from the ICU to a nursing home where he could receive the care and living assistance he needed. Although Chicken Little was safe and happy in the new home, Hassan knew that she and her dad must miss each other. So, she arranged a special visit to reunite the pair.

With the help of Tony’s neighbor and the staff at nursing home, Chicken Little and her dad could be reunited. At first, she was a little shy, but as soon as she saw her dad, she rushed to him for some leg rubs and eventual snuggles.

“He seemed to brighten right up when she did that,” Hassan said.

Tony and Chicken Little hope that they still get to see each other every once in a while, and they will try to keep up the visits for as long as they can. “We are hoping to take her in every couple of weeks,” Hassan said. “We are hoping to keep his spirits up with regular visits.”

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