Where Does Shaun White Live? Where Is His Next Mountain?

Curious about where does Shaun White live? Where is his next mountain? Here we go! Shaun White is the epitome of the energy and optimism that permeated the mountain resort business. Shaun White has been so successful in snowboarding and skateboarding that he can afford two homes, one for each of his respective sports. Okay, so where exactly does Shaun White call home?
Exactly where Shaun White presently dwells is unknown. As an experienced real estate investor, Shaun has acquired and sold many homes. According to Money magazine, he had many properties, including a condo in Park City, Utah, a mansion on Malibu's picturesque Point Dume that cost $10.75 million, and the house next door, which he reportedly rented out for $17,500 per month.
White has made a name for himself as an extreme athlete and buyer and seller of extraordinary real estate worldwide. Read on to learn about the mansions owned by this Olympic champion. aIf you want to catch up with more entertainment news, access these best websites.

#1. Incredible Background Of Shaun White

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Former professional snowboarder and skateboarder Shaun Roger White was born to Cathy and Roger White on September 3, 1986, in San Diego, California. He has attended the Olympics five times and won three half-pipe snowboarding gold medals. Also, you may have an interest in the list of the hottest female celebrities in recent times.
Supposedly dating Olympic gold medallist Nina Dobrev, he has already won more gold medals at the summer and winter X Games than any other snowboarder. In addition, he has won ten ESPYs, in a variety of categories, over his career. The Male Action Sports Athlete winner's $65 million fortune results from his various sponsorship deals and illustrious snowboarding pedigree. Additionally, he has diversified his portfolio to include real estate investments.

#2. Where Does Shaun White Live?

Where Does Shaun White LiveGiven the complexity of the question, it is impossible to say where the five-time Olympian presently resides. San Diego native and two-time Olympic gold champion Shaun White is famous for his exceptional taste in real estate. Olympic gold winner Shaun White, nicknamed "the Flying Tomato" for his fiery red hair, is a preservationist. Some of the residences he has owned in the past are displayed here.

Where Is The Next Mountain That Shaun White Conquer?

Where Does Shaun White LiveThe 36-year-old is starting his first year as a full-fledged business owner during his first full season of retirement. On Monday, the business he launched with a soft launch before the Olympics in Beijing earlier this year will officially launch. Whitespace is the brand name. White hopes to be as strategic in business as he was on the mountain, so he isn't rushing to put his new company up against the established giants in the snowboarding and outerwear markets. White told The Associated Press over the phone from Saas-Fee, Switzerland,
"I had this vision in my head, looking at a chairlift and seeing my name" on the bottom of a snowboard. In the same way that White broke with snowboarding's norms by making it hip to ride for cash and medals, he says he hopes his brand will be immediately recognizable to other riders. He suggests adding a touch of humanity to his product as a means of doing so.
“The other day, multiple pallets of boards showed up at my mom's house," White said. "We're doing it. But we're not taking a huge swing. To start, we're doing, like, three jackets, two pairs of pants, three snowboards. When you think about the lineup, we're doing the essentials. I'm thinking, ‘If I were going on a trip, what would I pack?’”
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