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10 Worst Celebrity Tippers Who Are Stingy AF

Giving freely and enjoying financial success are not always mutually exclusive traits. Some of us fall victim to the arrogance that comes with fame, thinking we’re above the law and immune to its effects. While the rich and famous party it up in their mansions and vacation houses, the rest of America continues. Waiters and waitresses put up with the worst of the worst and have been subjected to lousy tippers from the A-list for years. And they’re sick of always being on the losing end of deals with famous people.

Although many people have a reputation for generosity, some have earned notoriety for being the worst tippers in the business. The rest of us can’t be like President Obama and David Beckham, who consistently leave generous tips. Restaurants: please take note. They don’t grasp it, including certain actors, singers, and sportsmen.

1. Tiger Woods

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Actress Kirsten Dunst has been the subject of multiple terrible tipping accusations. Fox News once reported she failed to leave “even the smallest gratuity” on a $233 bill, according to the restaurant’s former assistant manager. And she’s also been known to rudely forgo tipping altogether on generously comped meals in local Hollywood joints, according to Business Insider.


2. Britney Spears

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The singer Britney Spears is used to getting negative press attention. She may now add “poor celebrity tipper” to her list of interesting past experiences. It has been said that the pop artist once racked up a $250 bill at LA’s One Sunset and left no tip. In the same complaint, it was stated that she tossed coins at a valet. However, this isn’t the only way Spears exploits its staff. People have even said she stole from stores.

3. Kirsten Dunst

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Kirsten Dunst, an actress, has been the target of several false allegations of excessive tipping. According to a former restaurant assistant manager quoted by Fox News, she allegedly left a $233 bill without leaving “even the slightest tip.” Business Insider claims she is known to rudely decline to leave a tip after receiving free meals at high-end Hollywood restaurants.

4. Michael Jordan

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To many, Michael Jordan is the pinnacle of basketball greatness. But it appears he still has a lot to learn about social norms. In an interview with Sports Illustrated, even his longtime buddy Charles Barkley was frank about him being cheap and having dismal tipping habits. As Barkley put it, Jordan is “as cheap as they come.”

5. Kendall Jenner

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True, even among the young and famous, there are the occasional poor tippers. Kendell Jenner acted like the ultimate diva when she became pissed off that a bar wouldn’t serve her because she was underage. Upon not being paid, she departed. Jenner, upon being pursued, tossed twenty dollar notes at the staff without considering whether or not it would be enough to pay the bill, let alone leave a gratuity. Later, she tried to redeem herself by leaving a $554 tip at a different restaurant, including a $160 tip.

6. Usher

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When it comes to bad celebrity tippers, Madonna is one of the worst offenders. She’s been known to go rogue and leave bad tips worldwide. She once left $18 for a $400 bill at a London restaurant. Then, she reportedly left no tip in New York City. Not vogue, Madonna, so, not vogue.

7. Madonna

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Madonna is one of the worst celebrities when it comes to tipping properly. She sometimes goes off the rails and leaves terrible recommendations for people worldwide. She reportedly only paid $18 toward a $400 meal at a London restaurant. Then, it was said that she failed to leave any gratuity in New York City. Just not hip, Madonna.

8. Serena Williams

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Champion tennis player The perks of Serena Williams’ status didn’t always come easily for her. However, it appears she is quite protective of the millions of dollars she has earned on the court. The athlete once got a free supper at a popular Harlem steakhouse. However, she and her group of seven ended up charging $400 to the bill and leaving no tip. Then she abruptly went without even a word of gratitude. Sorry, Serena, but that’s a double fault.

9. Mark Zuckerberg

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It would surprise you that one of the richest individuals in the world would have cheapskate tendencies when it comes to tipping. But it occurs. Mark Zuckerberg, founder, and CEO of Facebook skipped leaving an $8 tip on a $40 restaurant bill while on his honeymoon in Europe. Given that he is a billionaire, most of us don’t understand why he now has to reduce his outlays.

10. Gwyneth Paltrow

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Actors and actresses in the movies and on television always have the most insightful things to say. Gwyneth Paltrow, actress and beauty expert, claims she has a poor tipping record because she is “terrible at math.” Her lack of education, she told interviewers, has led to her being turned over for jobs and prevented her from assisting her kid with his arithmetic homework. Only a universal mobile device equipped with a simple calculator would make calculating just 20% of a bill a breeze.