10 Weird But Genius Hacks From Celebrity Stylists That Help Ordinary Women Look Like A Superstar

Hollywood is a cut-throat world, where celebrities forcibly appear flawless anytime, especially on the red carpet or at prestigious events. When appearing at these events, dozens of cameras will flash to record celebrities’ appearances and anyone is able to be on the front page of newspapers overnight.

Sometimes, we wonder what goes on behind the scenes to make out favorite famous people seem absolutely stunning on the red carpet, without a single thread or hair out of place. Well, it is the huge effort of stylists who suggest a lot of tricks to make their clients look flawless. For example, they recommend using hairspray on the inside of the dress to get rid of static electricity or wearing a scarf to avoid makeup stains.

Here are 10 hacks from celebrity stylists recommend to look more like a superstar. If you want to see more, read these articles: 11 Crazy Beauty Tricks Female Stars Use, 10+ Male Celebrities’ Beauty Secrets, and 10 Weird Tricks That Help Celebrities Sparkle On The Red Carpet.

#1 Use soap to move stubborn zippers

Hacks From Celebrity StylistsSource: Dee Cercone / Everett Collection / East News

When a zipper gets stuck, using a bar of soap on the problematic area is a wise decision.

#2 Strike the most flattering poses

Hacks From Celebrity StylistsSource: AXELLE / BAUER-GRIFFIN / East NewsAXELLE / BAUER-GRIFFIN / East News

After years of working in the entertainment field, many famous people know how to pose in front of cameras. From shoulders to legs, they can demonstrate their curves to look great in photos.

#3 When riding in a car, they lie down on the seats to prevent their clothes from wrinkling

Hacks From Celebrity StylistsSource: © jenniferaniston /Instagram

Traveling to the event by car can cause wrinkling in gorgeous dresses. To prevent it, celebs often lie down in the car. Jennifer Aniston applies this method.

#4 Choose shoes one size too big

Hacks From Celebrity StylistsSource: Jordan Hinton / Avalon/Photoshot / East News

Celebrities often wear shoes that are too big for them to avoid any kinds of cuts or blisters.

#5 Wear comfortable sneakers

Source: East NewsAP / East News

Wearing big-size shoes is not the only trick to make celebs comfortable, many choose to wear sneakers instead of high heels.

Source: John Shearer / Invision / AP / East News© David Livingston / Getty Images Entertainment / Getty Images


#6 Use hair spray to stop static cling

Source: MARK RALSTON / AFP / East News

To get rid o static electricity on the outfit, celebrity stylists use hair spray, touch it with wet hands, or sprinkle their client’s skin with baby powder.

#7 Use eyeshadow to make their hair look thicker

Source: Derrick Salters / WENN.com / agefotostock / East News

Some celebs make their hair thicker by using a simple trick: Just choose a shade of matte eyeshadow that matches your hair color and apply it to your hairline or part with a makeup brush.

#8 Smile with the eyes

Source: East News

Many celebs know how to smile not only with their mouth but their eyes when posing in front of cameras. They squint them slightly so their eyes take on a crescent shape.

#9 Wear clothes of the right cut

Hacks From Celebrity StylistsSource: Laurent Salmon / KCS / East NewsLaurent Salmon / KCS / East News

Wearing clothes that can change visually the proportions of the body is a top choice for celebs. For example, Merilyn Monroe used to put on a padded bra to make her chest bigger.

#10 Wear shapewear under their clothes

Source: © Shutterstock.com

Many stars don’t feel shy when wearing shapewear. Some of them even post photos and videos on social media to show how shapewear helps them more confident.