10 Times that Filmmakers Use Tricks To Make Pregnant Actresses’ Belly “Disappear”

Knowing that a baby growing inside the belly is one of the most precious moments of every woman but for actresses, getting pregnant during filming is a huge challenge. Sometimes, a pregnancy is unavoidable and filmmakers got a serious matter when one of their actresses announces she’s pregnant during filming or even before it.
In this case, the show could have to cut its season short, or costume designers look for ways to hide growing tummies at all costs, whether that’s with creative posing or clever wardrobe choices.
For example, during filming Vanity Fair, Reese Witherspoon had to wear billowy, empire-waist gowns in dark colors to conceal her growing bump. Or, Kate Winslet used iPads, and folders and often appeared in black outfits to hide her belly when filming “Divergent”. This way was effective though she was five months pregnant.
Below are 10 times when actresses got pregnant during filming and the filmmakers cleverly worked around the situation.

#1 January Jones — Mad Men

Source: © Mad Men / Lionsgate Television

Before filming season 4, January Jones was pregnant. In the movie, her character gained weight because of a thyroid problem. The actress even had to wear special prostheses to make her face look fuller.

#2 Courteney Cox — Friends

Source: © Friends / Warner Bros. Television

In the movies, Monica and Chandler had no kids and therefore decided an adopted one. However, Courteney Cox, who plays Monica, got pregnant during filming, so she had to wear large clothes and bags to hide her belly.

#3 Emily Blunt — Edge of Tomorrow

Source: © The Edge of Tomorrow / Warner Bros.

Despite appearing slim and athletic in the film, she was pregnant with her daughter. So, the actress was replaced by her double in some scenes. The most interesting thing is that her screen partner Tom Cruise is the only person from the team knowing about her pregnancy.

#4 Kerry Washington — Scandal

Source: © Scandal / ABC Studios

During the filming of season 3, the actress was pregnant. Her pregnancy led to adjustments to the plot. Furthermore, she wore selected outfits and various props to disguise her round belly.

#5 Debra Messing — Will & Grace

Source: © Will & Grace / KoMut Entertainment

Wearing loose-fitting clothes and carrying something in her hands are ways she chose to conceal her bump. Despite the tricks, many viewers spotted this abnormality.

#6 Blake Lively — The Shallows

Source: © The Shallows / Columbia Pictures

While filming the movie, the actress was carrying her second child. It was challenging because she did all the stunts without a double until the last 2 weeks of filming.

#7 Alyson Hannigan — How I Met Your Mother

Source: © How I Met Your Mother / 20th Century Fox Television

While working on the series, Hannigan was actually carrying her kid. The creators applied some tricks such as using huge bags, baskets, and other props to cover her belly.

#8 Holly Marie Combs — Charmed

Source: © Charmed / Paramount Pictures

While working on the movie, the actress was carrying a child. Different from other actresses who tried to hide their bellies, she didn’t have to do that. The screenwriters decided to incorporate pregnancy into the story. So, Piper had her son, Chris.

#9 Zooey Deschanel — New Girl

Source:  © New Girl / 20th Century Fox Television

While filming season 5 of the movie, the main star got pregnant. The writer created a few episodes where the audience couldn’t see her round belly. In season 6, Deschanel and Hannah Simone, who portrayed Cece, also got pregnant. Because of it, the final chapter of the series was released later than usual.

#10 Amy Poehler — Parks and Recreation

Source: © Parks and Recreation / Deedle-Dee Productions

The actress got pregnant when season 3 of the movie started. However, at the time, scriptwriters had no plans for Leslie’s family to add a member. So, they used classic techniques such as clothes, objects, and other props to hide her tummy.
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