10+ Times Attentive Viewers Can’t Close Their Eyes To Blunders Made By Costume Designers

When watching a movie, most of us rarely analyze scenes the way critics do. It’s simply because we just want to free our minds, totally relax and not worry about work or home life. It’s seen as a way to escape from daily problems. It’s unlikely that we will start to knit-pick an outfit that an actor is wearing. So, tiny details often pass most of us due to their focus on the movie’s plot. It seems to be not a big deal to not set eyes on mistakes.

However, attentive viewers might not ignore these blunders in the characters’ costumes. From earrings to waistcoats, these historically inaccurate costumes were created to not match the era but fit the characters’ personalities and the overall concept of the movie.

We’ve collected some blunders created by costume designers that only attentive viewers can spot. You can see more in these articles: 10 Movies That Were Like A Tangled Mess Due To Their Costumes, 15 Times Movie Costumes Dropped Subtle Hints in Popular Films, and 12 Times That Movie Creators Turned a Blind Eye To Costumes.

#1 Enola Holmes 2

Blunders Made By Costume DesignersSource: © Enola Holmes 2

Enola wears an evening gown with a train holder that is popular in that period. However, the bustle should have been twice as big.

#2 The King’s Speech

Blunders Made By Costume DesignersSource: © The King’s Speech / Momentum Pictures

Though the movie won 4 Oscars and received 12 nominations, including Best Costume Design, it had a few mistakes. The kilt Colin Firth wears didn’t appear until 1997. Moreover, it’s an Irish kilt, not the Scottish one.

#3 Mary Shelley

Blunders Made By Costume DesignersSource: © Mary Shelley/ IFC Films and co-producers

Most of the outfits in the movie are too modern, and Mary’s pink outfit is the best example. They were made from linen-like materials instead of wools or crisp silks. Some outfits should have added petticoats and layers.

#4 Legends of the Fall

Blunders Made By Costume DesignersSource: © Legends of the FallAnn Ronan Picture Library / East News

To make Brad Pitt’s character more attractive, costume designers ignored historical accuracy. Tristan Ludlow had long hair and some whiskers on his face. These things were completely unacceptable for the time period.

#5 Gone With the Wind

Blunders Made By Costume DesignersSource: East News© Gone with the Wind, AF Archive / East News

The movie is set in the Civil War time but many costumes didn’t match the period time. For example, Scarlett O’Hara’s iconic red dress with feathers and rhinestones is more reminiscent of the glamorous ‘30s and ‘40s.

#6 Hello, Dolly!

Source: © Hello, Dolly! / 20th Century Studios

The film’s actions take place in New York at the end of the 19th century. At that time, beehive hairdos, lip gloss, or winged eyeliner didn’t popular. Despite these mistakes, the film won 3 Oscars.

#7 Braveheart

Source: © Braveheart / Icon Productions

Most of the costumes were designed perfectly but they included some inaccuracies. The movie is set in 1280 but Sophie Marceau wears metal belts that exist half a century later.

#8 La Reine Margot

Source: © La Reine Margot / France 2 Cinéma

The female characters look attractive when putting on dresses with open shoulders. However, in the 16th century, women would always wear undergarments to keep warm and absorb sweat.

Source: © La Reine Margot / France 2 Cinéma© Chevalier d’Éon / Wikipedia

According to some portraits of Margeret of Valois, she had curly hair and was shaped in a high updo. But in the movie, costume designers gave the main character loose hair.

#9 The Danish Girl

Source: © The Danish Girl / Working Title, East News

The close-fitted clothes that female characters are wearing didn’t match the fashion of the 1920s – the movie’s set. At that time, loose silhouettes and sheath dresses were popular.

Source: © The Danish Girl / Working TitleCourtesy Everett Collection / East News

Also, Gerda’s hairstyle is considered outdated.

#10 Catch Me If You Can

Source: © Catch Me If You Can / DreamWorks Pictures

The movie is set in the 1960s. But, look at the braces Amy Adams wears, they weren’t invented for another 10 years.

#11 Cleopatra

Source: © Cleopatra / 20th Century Studios

The costume designers worked hard, creating 65 dresses for Cleopatra. Elizabeth Taylor changed in nearly every scene. However, none of them were historically accurate. It seems that they belong to the ‘60s and are from Egypt.