10 Of The Biggest And Funniest Celebrity Fashion Fails

Fashion trends appear and disappear so fast that sometimes it’s hard to follow. If you need an update on fashion trends recently, you should take a look at some celebrities who are also regarded as fashionistas. Being inspired by their own beauty, these celebrities believe their looks must be at the same level as their attractiveness to steal the limelight and grab headlines. They often spent thousands of dollars just to achieve a greater public image.
The thing is if one celeb dresses beautifully at one big event, another star can do the same or even better. So, yes, they have to put on some really impressive to ensure that they will draw all attention when walking on the red carpet. Still, it’s sometimes out of control and turns into a fashion disaster.
Today, we’ve compiled the 10 biggest and most hilarious celebrity fashion fails that will leave you speechless. Whether on purpose or not, these celebrities actually got what really want: the spotlight. If you were them, would you dare?

#1 Madonna’s Givenchy Couture Number

Fashion FailsSource: Gettyimages

Madonna really wanted to look sexy in a Givenchy couture but she was extremely sensual for her age. This costume looks like something you'd keep in the bedroom.

#2 Amber Rose’s VMA Look

Fashion FailsSource: Gettyimages

Nowadays, it's nothing special to see celebrities in little-to-no clothing, but, Amber Rose's VMA look just screamed 'Look at me!,' with her dress showing too much and being quite the fashion fail.

#3 Lady Gaga’s Meat Dress

Fashion FailsSource: Gettyimages

We may all agree that Lady Gaga has a bit weird when it comes to her fashion sense. And this is the most typical example.

#4 Cher’s Punk Look

Fashion FailsSource: Gettyimages

Cher did make headlines when appearing at the 1986 Oscars with this weird punk-style dress and funny hairstyle.

#5 Helena Bonham Carter’s Weird Red Carpet Choice

Fashion FailsSource: Gettyimages

Helena Bonham is known for wearing some of the weirdest dresses in the public. And this is simply her worst one.

#6 Caprice’s Green Bugs

Fashion FailsSource: Gettyimages

Being head-scratching with the idea of a ton of green bugs, Caprice’s dress is considered one of the greatest celebrity fashion fails of all time.

#7 Lupita Nyong’o Native Fashion Fail

Fashion FailsSource: Gettyimages

Perhaps she wanted to incorporate native elements in her official dress, Lupita Nyong'o fashion choices at the Oscars, while she had actually a great intention, it was a massive fashion fail.

#8 Celine Dion’s Thrift Shop Wear

Fashion FailsSource: Gettyimages

Although Celine Dion might spend big bucks on this interesting dress with which she attended the 1999 Oscars, her outfit simply looks like she just come out of the thrift shop.

#9 All Of Miley Cyrus’ Outfits

Fashion FailsSource: Gettyimages

Miley Cyrus is regarded as a fashion icon, but her taste is just bizarre. Having no shame in showing off her body, her choice is simply controversial.

#10 Katy Perry’s Denim Dress

Fashion FailsSource: Gettyimages

Katy Perry managed to look stunning with her sense of fashion until she appeared in this denim dress.
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