10 New Projects That James Gunn Announced In The New DC Chapter: Gods And Monsters

The new DC Slate Chapter One Gods and Monsters has received its inaugural titles from co-CEOs James Gunn and Peter Safran. Today sees the commencement of the new DC Universe. It discusses the ties between cinema and television for projects happening in the years 2031–2033. We chose Deadline’s piece since it was the first one we could find after retrieving many other articles from official trade websites.

Gunn and Safran have been at odds for this slate since November 2022, and here is what we have for you: The initial installment titles are referred to by the new Co-CEOs as “Chapters,” which is similar to Marvel Studios’ MCU Phases. Gods and Monsters is Chapter One, and it will take place between 2025 and 2027.null

  1. Superman Legacy
  2. The Brave and The Bold
  3. Untitled Swamp Thing
  4. The Authority
  5. Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow

Additionally, Chapter One ties together television programs, including animated series:

  1. Creature Commandos is an animated series that Gunn wrote as well
  2. Waller with Viola Davis pushes through as a Peacemaker spin-off live-action series
  3. Lanterns series
  4. Booster Gold
  5. Paradise Lost

A writer’s room composed of Christina Hodson, Jeremy Slater, Drew Goddard, Christal Henry, and Tom King helped Gunn and Safran flesh out their ideas. The objective of releasing two films and two television shows annually for HBO Max over an eight to ten-year period is only partially achieved by these titles and endeavors. The new DC Slate opens up a lot of options that will hopefully appeal to both existing and new fans, much like emerging from fog and haze. Gunn claims:

“One of our strategies is that we take our diamond characters — Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman– and we use that to help prop up other characters that people don’t know. Like what happened with the Guardians (of the Galaxy) in some way. Like taking teams like The Authority, which I know is just as spectacular an idea for a film that is a completely different take on superheroes. Because it’s really connected to Superman. It’s about using those well-known properties to help lead to lesser-known properties. We’re going to promise that everything from our first project forward is going to be unified.”

Gunn recognizes the initiatives made for the future of DC Studios by the outgoing CEO, Walter Hamada. Some fans might or might not find it intriguing in and of itself. He stated:

“But we’ve gotten very lucky for the next four projects to reset everything. I will say here that Flash is probably one of the greatest superhero movies ever made. There’s no reason why any of the characters or the actors that play in those characters are not part of the DCU. There’s nothing that prohibits that from happening. We’ll incorporate characters from the past, but mostly we’ll cast anew. As everyone here probably knows, the history of DC is pretty messed up.

There is the Arrowverse. There was the DC EU which then split and became the Joss Whedon Justice League at one point and became the Snyder-verse at the other point. There was Superman and Lois, there was the Reeves-verse. There are all these different things. Even, we came in and did Suicide Squad and that became Peacemaker and all of a sudden Bat-mite is the real guy that’s never been set up.”