10 Movie Goofs That Neither Directors Nor Even Editors Noticed, But Some Attentive Viewers Did

It is common that there are dozens of mishaps in every movie, even blockbusters. Although there are hundreds or sometimes thousands of people working on a single movie, they can’t always guarantee that no unexpected movie goofs existed in the completed film.

Over the years, many attentive viewers shared hard-to-spot mistakes and continuity errors they caught while enjoying films, whether it’s a continuity error or part of the crew getting in the shot. Some kinds of mistakes can be deleted digitally today but some which more intertwined with the scene are impossible to scrub out. Even when spotting the presence of these goofs, sometimes directors, editors or moviemakers went unnoticed but fortunately, attentive viewers did.

We’ve completed a list of movie goofs that movie makers went unnoticed but some eagle-eyed viewers did and shared them publicly. If you want to see more, click Times That Movie Creators Turned a Blind Eye To Costumes, Mistakes That Made It Into The Movie, and 12 Ridiculous Mistakes.

#1 The Witcher (2019)

Movie GoofsSource: © The Witcher / Netflix

Although the Netflix TV series “The Witcher”, based on Andrzej Sapkowski’s book of the same name, became popular quickly, some details made fans of the book so confusing. For example, some noticed that the character Ciri looks more like a modern woman as she gets older. They wondered “When did she find time to get her eyebrows and eyelashes done?”.

#2 Little Women (2019)

Movie GoofsSource: © Little Women / Columbia Pictures

In a scene with Timothée Chalamet, if you look closer, you can see a mental bottle and a plastic one.

#3 Downton Abbey (2010)

Movie GoofsSource: © Downton Abbey / Carnival Film & Television

The creators tried their best to ensure the costumes match their historic era but there is a tiny mistake in Mary Crawley’s undergarments. The movie is set in 1912 when long corsets that didn’t cover the breasts became popular. But in one scene, Michelle Dockery wears one which fully covers her breasts.

#4 Gladiator (2000)

Movie GoofsSource: © Gladiator / Scott Free Productions

In a scene of “Gladiator”, some eagle-eyed noticed that Lucilla, Marcus Aurelius’ daughter put on a bone corset which belongs to the 2nd century.

#5 Murder on the Orient Express (2017)

Source: © Murder on the Orient Express / 20th Century Fox

Hercule Poirot got noticed by wearing a sophisticated “shield” for his mustache on his first night on the Orient Express. However, on the second one, it disappeared. This forgetfulness contradicts Poirot’s scrupulosity and looks like a mistake made by the moviemakers.

#6 Mary Queen of Scots (2018)

Source: © Mary Queen of Scots / Focus Features

At the beginning of the movie, the character Mary Stuart first appears at age 19 and the movie ended with her execution in 1578. It is about 26 years old but we can’t see any difference in the queen’s look except for her hairstyle. It is the same as Queen Elizabeth I, played by Margot Robbie.

Movie GoofsSource: © Mary Queen of Scots / Focus Features

#7 300 (2006)

Movie GoofsSource: © 300 / Warner Bros. Pictures

The costume designers of the movie made a mistake when adding a modern bra in the movie. It’s impossible for a modern one to appear in Ancient Sparta.

#8 Judy (2019)

Source: © Judy / Pathé

Judy Garland was left-handed but in a scene, the character, played by Renée Zellweger, is eating cake with her right hand. Although the moviemakers took this feature of hers into account, it seems that no one remembers it.

#9 The Revenant (2015)

Source: © The Revenant / New Regency Productions

The events of the movie are set in the northwest of America in the 19th century. The main hero, Hugh Glass, undergoes extremely severe winter conditions. He has a water flask only but there is neither a knife nor a blade. That makes many fans wonder why his mustache doesn’t seem to grow.

#10 I, Tonya (2017)

Source: © I, Tonya / AI-Film

Tonya has new ice skates on her feet in a scene in which her lace gets torn when she joins in the 1994 Winter Olympics. But it is true that figure skaters perform during competitions in the same skates they usually put on during training.