10 Greatest Swordfighters in History Of Fantasy TV Show Ever Appeared

One of the most emblematic objects of the fantasy subgenre is the sword. The sword has long been the go-to weapon for heroes of all stripes, dating back to the earliest stories that serve as the foundation for contemporary fantasy. Almost every fantasy narrative features a hero who draws a sword and confronts their enemy head-on, whether they are protecting kingdoms, fighting dragons, or resisting an ancient evil.

Due to the popularity of the fantasy genre and the longstanding history of heroes brandishing swords, there is no shortage of outstanding swordswomen and men for viewers to appreciate. Let’s tally down the top 10 TV swordfighters of all time after examining the greatest examples from our favorite TV shows.

Geralt of Rivia — The Witcher


When fighting monsters, Geralt essentially disassembles the threat piece by piece, concentrating pragmatically on the creature’s weaknesses revealed by its grotesque build. When facing human opponents, he acts rapidly and forcefully, using his might to take out his foe right away before moving on. It is a distant, mechanical attitude that serves as a reminder to the spectator that Geralt is extremely skilled at his profession and that his lethal talents are not just something he can pull off on demand.

Galadriel — Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power


Galadriel is frequently seen wielding her blades in an elegant yet lethal manner while wearing full armor. In this iteration of the character, every action has a purpose and no energy is wasted on flourishing or pointless motion, which is not only efficient but also consistent with her martial mentality. Her technique should be direct and effective as well, fitting her character’s active and direct involvement in Middle Earth’s struggle against evil. The choreography does this while showcasing her talent and being really fun to see.

Jaime Lannister — Game of Thrones


As the story progresses, the viewer gets to observe Jaime lose ground after reaching his peak and then rise back up. Along with the character growth, Jaime also experiences the loss of a hand; as a result, his subsequent fighting attempts show how competent he is and how he became so proficient in the first place. The spectator gets to watch him improve over time, finally taking down competent opponents with a move that contrasts with his early portrayals and shows both his development and his overpowering proficiency with a weapon.

The Widow — Into the Badlands


The Widow’s unique fighting style stands out as one of the most intriguing and distinctive given the action-heavy nature of the series and the frequent one-on-one encounters. Her whole strategy is built on accuracy and graceful movements, much like the show’s wuxia inspiration. The choreography parallels the political aspect of her story, the battle against an established and outwardly strong system that is in existence, as she is frequently put up against more physically intimidating opponents.

Daemon Targaryen — House of the Dragon


The combat style that Daemon uses is more than just a fun choreographed move. Every action is planned to defeat his opponent by any means required, and he isn’t beyond employing trickery to win. This reflects the character’s straightforward demeanor outside of battle since he approaches every conversation the same way he handles a combat situation. His character attributes continue to be displayed during battle because his social and martial techniques are the same, which makes him even more enjoyable to watch.

Xena — Xena: Warrior Princess


Xena’s fighting skills are obvious considering that she is a princess from a warrior society and a friend of Hercules, and throughout the series, viewers are treated to watching her battle monster foes right out of myth in a beautiful way. She had even killed a few of the setting’s gods by the conclusion of the series. Xena was a major force in the second half of the 1990s, and the influence of the show can still be seen in a lot of the movies and television shows that people still love today.

Duncan MacLeod — Highlander


Being an eternal swordsman, Duncan battled opponents from throughout history while bringing decades’ worth of expertise to the fight. Duncan explored what an eternal being’s existence may be like in addition to the superbly choreographed action scenes. He was more than just a fighter; he was a teacher and a mentor to many of the cast members, adding a touch of humanity to the magical world while fending off threats to himself and his comrades.

Jade — Willow


For USA Today, Kellyman discussed the preparation for her part as well as the cultural significance of the character in bringing diversity to the big screen. Jade has been a great and interesting addition to the new series with a well-written story arc and characterization based on her abilities and challenges. We can anticipate seeing this skilled swordswoman even more in upcoming Disney+ seasons as there is still more of the story to be told.

Arthur Pendragon — Merlin


In the ring of dueling, as well as in the field of actual combat, Arthur exhibits extraordinary skill. He repeatedly demonstrates his superior swordsmanship, with all of his on-screen losses coming at the hands of magic or cunning. His ability to use his sword to confront issues head-on rather than later adopting a more deliberate and strategic approach also contributes to the early development of the character.

Richard — Legend of the Seeker


Richard encounters his fair share of difficulties as the bearer of the Sword of Truth. Although most of the talent demonstrated is attributable to the weapon’s enchantment, the on-screen duels show a swordsman of incredible skill and tenacity. Over the course of the series, the character transforms from a common woodsman to a renowned hero. During that period, he engages in combat with foes that have a great deal more experience and accomplishments, yet he consistently prevails.