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10 Female Characters Who Don’t Have To Punch Anything To Prove They’re Strong

Strong female characters are not pretty girls who can punch stuff really hard. More than just appearances, they need to have good character arcs that can make audiences feel relatable. They’re unafraid to fight for what they want through any possible means. Their confidence inspires girls everywhere to stay true to themselves and love who they are.

So here are 10 female characters who don’t need to punch things to show they’re strong. Which one is your favorite role model?

1. Morticia Addams – The Addams Family

female charactersSource: Columbia Pictures/ Courtesy of Everett Collection

Strong female characters in Hollywood often have short hair, wear pants and look rough. Morticia Addams is the total opposite of that. She’s soft-spoken, feminine, and elegant in every aspect. Her strength comes from her confidence and her love for her family.

Morticia stays true to herself despite what other people think of her. She’s in control every time she shows up. Her demeanor makes people fear, love, and respect her. No need for masculinity, Morticia can be a strong woman just fine.

2. Minerva McGonagall – Harry Potter

female charactersSource: Warner Bros. Pictures/ Courtesy of Everett Collection

Minerva McGonagall is the woman we want to become when we grow older. She isn’t a miserable old lady who regretted putting her career over her family. She loves her job and finds happiness in it. Professor McGonagall is nice, wise, and serious without being bitter or angry. She is the model that every girl should look up to.

3. Elizabeth Swann – Pirates of the Caribbean

female charactersSource: Walt Disney Pictures/ Courtesy of Everett Collection

Elizabeth is strong even before she picks up the sword and becomes the pirate king. She is fearless, clever, determined, and independent. She is also kind and loyal. Elizabeth knows what her heart wants and is unafraid to chase it. When her loved ones are in danger, she will jump in and save them in any way she can.

4. Regina George – Mean Girls

female charactersSource: Paramount Pictures/ Courtesy of Everett Collection

Regina George might not be the nicest girl in the movie, but she is no damsel in distress either. She is cunning and manipulative but very charismatic. Even though Regina is a bully, we can’t help but want to be her. Who doesn’t want to be the queen bee for once in their lives? Mean streaks aside, we have to admit that Regina’s confidence and dedication are inspiring.

5. Princess Leia Organa – Star Wars

female charactersSource: 20th Century Studios/ Courtesy of Everett Collection

Leia Organa is quick-witted and brave. She got the guts to be snarky in front of Darth Vader and Grand Moff Tarkin. And she was brave enough to keep her life afterward too. plus, her lines are funny. Who doesn’t like a funny girl?

6. Ellie Sattler – Jurassic Park

Source: Universal Pictures/ Courtesy of Everett Collection

Ellie Sattler is equal to her male colleagues in every way. She got her own skills, strengths, and determination to achieve her goals. Overall, she is a great character.

7. Mattie – True Grit

Source: Paramount Pictures/ Courtesy of Everett Collection

Mattie Ross is one of the strongest fictional female characters ever. She has to take care of her family’s business after her father passed away. Her strength can be shown through the way she deftly negotiated the sale and purchase of livestock. Mattie shouldered the burden and held her own on the frontier. There is no doubt that Mattie is a very inspiring young woman.

8. Lisbeth Salander – The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Source: Sony Pictures Releasing/ Courtesy of Everett Collection

Lisbeth Salander is incredibly intelligent. She’s also hyper-focus on her goals to the point it becomes scary. She shows no mercy to the people who cross her, yet she is unafraid to display her emotional vulnerability in front of her loved ones. Lisbeth is fierce as she is vicious. She might not be pretty, but who needs to be pretty when you can be one of the best computer hackers in the world?

9. Nani – Lilo & Stitch

Source: Disney/ Courtesy of Everett Collection

Nani is the most realistic portrayal on this list. She has no magic, special ability, or quirk. Her strength comes from her kindness. She was forced to grow up and take responsibility to keep her only family left together. Nani struggles to make ends meet while balancing her work and her romantic life. She lives a difficult life, but never once did she take it out on her sister Lilo.

Nani never discouraged Lilo’s strange ideas or interests. She supported Lilo in every way she could, like when Lilo asked for a lobster as a pet. The only time she really got upset with Lilo was when her safety was at risk. It takes a lot of strength to remain kind in a cruel world.

10. Marge Gunderson – Fargo

Source: 20th Television/ Courtesy of Everett Collection

Marge Gunderson is respected by her colleagues. She is brave but clever, gentle yet strong. She doesn’t need to stand out to prove her strength. Marge is brave enough to pursue a critical lead without backup, but she is also clever enough to keep her distance. She is someone you know you shouldn’t mess with.

Who is your favorite female characters? If your type is more of an action heroine, then check out this post. There you will find strong actresses who aren’t afraid to sacrifice their beautiful hair to portray a badass.