10 Actors Whose Careers Collapsed So Badly Due To A Movie Role

Everyone makes mistakes, and actors are no expectation. It is common that actors spend years conquering viewers’ hearts through their characters and then they are deemed to be talented performers. Despite their efforts for a long time, some of them destroyed their careers with one role. Sometimes, it doesn’t matter if their movies or TV shows did well, but portraying a character that is not right for them may make their career go downhill.
It is true that bad roles have a significant effect on actors’ careers. In other words, after these roles, good calls for work stopped coming and it’s worse that there is no call, anyway. It’s not that these actors are not able to manage to bounce back, but these duds definitely didn’t help.
We've completed a list of 10 actors whose careers collapsed because they accepted a movie role.

#1 Frankie Muniz

Source: © Malcom in the Middle / New Regency Productions© frankiemuniz4 / Instagram

Though Frankie Muniz did a great job in both “Malcolm in the Middle”, and also “Agent Cody Banks”, he didn’t land more significant roles. He decided to pursue his childhood dream – motor racing.

#2 Geena Davis

Actors Whose Careers CollapsedSource: © A league of Their Own / Columbia Pictures© Cutthroat Island

Geena Davis started her acting career by playing April Page in “Tootsie”, which was one of the highest-grossing projects of that year. After the success of the movie, she starred in some films like Beetlejuice, Thelma and Louise, and so on. She even received a Golden Globe nomination for A League of Their Own and won an Oscar for The Accidental Tourist.
However, her career was downhill all the way when she participated in the filming of “Cutthroat Island”. The movie was catastrophic, receiving loads of negative reviews. After that, Geena paused her career, and she only got a few minor roles.

#3 Elizabeth Berkeley

Actors Whose Careers CollapsedSource: © Saved by the Bell / NBC productions© Showgirls / Vegas Productions

She is famous for her role in “Saved by the Bell”, everyone loved her character. The next movie “Showgirls”, was supposed to spice up her career but it turned out to be a flop. After that role, Hollywood turned its back on her though the director blamed himself for it.

#4 Shaquille O’Neal

Actors Whose Careers CollapsedSource: © shaq / Instagram© Steel / Warner Bros.

Shaquille O’Neal is one of the most famous basketball players. Except for it, he appeared in cameos or supporting roles in the movie. His first role was in “Steel”. However, it didn’t bring him fame. After that, he just sticks to small roles.

#5 Mary-Kate Olsen

Actors Whose Careers CollapsedSource: © It Takes Two / Dualstar Productions© Beastly / CBS Films

Mary-Kate Olsen was best known for her role in “Full House”. But in 2011, she played a supporting role in Beastly and then decided to leave acting to focus on fashion.

#6 Kelly Clarkson

Source: © American Idol: The Search for a Superstar, © From Justin to Kelly

Kelly Clarkson got famous after winning the first edition of American Idol. After that, she was invited to star in several projects but none of them was successful. Then she just focuses on music.

#7 Lori Petty

Source: © Punto de Quiebre / Largo Entertainment© Tank Girl / United Artists

She worked alongside Keanu Reeves in “Point Break” and got major attention. In 1995, she appeared in Tank Girl. From then on, she struggled to land a good role. She could only return to the scene with Orange Is the New Black.

#8 Mike Myers

Actors Whose Careers CollapsedSource: © Austin Powers / Capella International© The Love Guru / Paramount Pictures

Although Mike Myers is a well-known comedian and a star on the Hollywood walk of fame, not all the things he’s done were successful. He joined in some projects such as Saturday Night Live and Austin Powers and no one can deny his talent.
“The Love Guru” which he wrote and starred in turned out to be a bomb. After that, he left cinema for a while and only took on a few tiny roles.

#9 Chris Klein

Source: © American Pie / Universal Pictures© Rollerball / Atlas Entertainment

For his charisma, he appeared in some popular movies. Despite his effort, things didn’t work well. He took part in “Rollerball”, which was not only a flop but was also torn apart by critics. Since then, he only took over supporting roles.

#10 Freddie Prinze Jr.

Source: © She's All That / Miramax© Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed / Warner Bros.

Freddie Prinze Jr. starred in many teen movies, from the thriller I Know What You Did Last Summer to She’s All That. But, after filming in “Scooby-Doo 2”, he decided to leave the set. He only lands in supporting roles and voices for cartoons and video games.
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